Weekly News Briefs: Jan 29


Environmental Concerns Following Coal Ash in Georgia
Georgia Power plans to close all of its twenty nine ash ponds. Ash ponds were previously used to store the remains of burned coal. Georgia Power plans to stop the use of twenty nine ponds holding the remains of once burned coal and further monitor the ground water and the water supply. They plan to relocate the ash to dry and covered areas, working to stop the major environmental concerns of runoff from the ash ponds.


USA Gymnastics Board Given Six Days to Resign After Conviction of Olympic Doctor
The Us Olympic Committee has given orders for the entirety of USA Gymnastics Board of Directors to resign. Three of the twenty one positions on the board have been vacated but the US Olympic Committee requires all positions left or USA Gymnastics will lose status as a sports governing body. Other steps required include: replacing the interim directors, cooperating with an independent investigation, and discussing plans for handling past shortcomings in combating abuse.


South African International City Residents Prepare to Run Out of Water Sooner than Expected
Residents of Cape Town, South Africa are in the middle of “the worst drought in more than a century” according to CNN News. Misuse of water has led the city to being eighty-six million liters above it’s target usage, making water tighter than ever. Because of this scarcity, residents are restricted to fifty liters a day starting in February. To put this in perspective, one toilet flush is nine liters. The town is expected to run out of water by April 12.