Weekly News Briefs: Jan 22


Women’s march Power to the Polls attracts thousands
Thousands of women rallied on Sat., on the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration at The Bakery in Atlanta. The event, Power to the Polls, encouraged more political involvement from women since the election of Trump. The hope is to bring more positive change in the new year.


Fixing the U.S. government shutdown
After the United States government shutdown on Jan. 20, officials are scrambling to find a solution. As of Sunday, there was little progress made. The best potential breakthrough came from a group of 20 moderators who attempted to fix issues on both sides. Lawmakers are trying to re-open the government before Monday, otherwise thousands of federal employees will have furlough days.


18 dead after gunman siege in Kabul
Gunmen raged an Afghan hotel, killing 18 people. Of those 18 people, 14 were foreign nationals and four were Afghans. The gunmen attacked the hotel at around 11:30 am on Sun. after a 12-hour standoff with security. Around 153 people were rescued from the hotel during the attack. The attackers were affiliated with the Pakistan-based Haqqani network, according to the Interior Ministry.