Weekly News Blotter: March 31

March 17

PROJECT 8_Walton and Peachtree Blotter_3-30_4-3_2015
Illustration by Uduak Ita I The Signal

Walton and Peachtree Street
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Georgia State officers responded to reports of a university non-affiliated individual who was impeding the flow of traffic by standing in the middle of the street. When the officers made contact, the individual became combative, refused to answer questions or listen to the officer’s instructions. The individual was arrested for obstruction.

March 23

University Commons
Whoever smelled it dealt it
An odor of marijuana was detected by a Georgia State officer who found four students and one non-affiliated student in possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. What happend after?


March 24

Courtland and Gilmer Streets SE
Check yourself before you wreck yourself
A driver was found by a university officer going the wrong way on a one-way street with a suspended license. The driver was taken to Fulton County Jail.

March 24

Langdale Hall
Catcalling is so 2007
Georgia State police responded to reports of two individuals who were harassing female students. The individuals were both issued a CTW (Criminal Trespass Warning) and escorted from the premises.

March 25

Piedmont North
Men and their frail concept of masculinity
A Georgia State student filed a report for harassment after her ex-boyfriend harassing and threatening her. The case has been turned over to the Investigations Division.