Weekly Crime Briefs: June 5


Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said Atlanta will honor Paris Climate Agreement

Since President Donald Trump’s decision to remove the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement, both individuals and cities have chosen to oppose the action. According to Atlanta Magazine, Mayor Reed said in a statement on Thursday that the city would “honor the commitment he and the mayors of more than 100 other cities made  along with more than 169 countries—to lower carbon emissions in an attempt to stave off a projection of rising sea levels, brutal temperatures, and devastating storms.” Reed said the decision isolates America in the collection of global efforts to mitigate climate change, and that it is an “assault on our future stability and prosperity.” Reed said Atlanta is to intensify efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reach other environmental goals.


President Trump pulls U.S. out of Paris climate accord

On Thursday, President Trump gave a speech announcing the removal of the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord, placing finality to conversations among citizens as to what the President would do about this agreement once in office. He said, “in order to protect my solemn duty to protect America and its citizens.” President Trump believes the the climate agreement was putting the U.S. economy at a disadvantage, and has questioned whether the world can reach its broader climate goals. According to the New York Times, several American cities, states, and companies are preparing to submit a plan to the U.N. pledging to meet emissions targets. The decision has caused vast debate nationally.


London Bridge attack kills seven, wounds 48

Seven people died and 48 were injured in the event of a terrorist attack on Saturday night. According to NBC News, officials said a vehicle barreled into pedestrians on London Bridge. Three attackers then went on a stabbing rambage at the Borough Market nearby, and 21 people injured in the attacks are in critical condition. After the incident was reported, within eight minutes the three suspects had been shot dead by officers. The three men were donned in what appeared to be explosive vests, but it turned out they were fake. The investigation is still early, and officers are making “significant” progress in identifying the attackers. This attack comes shortly after the Manchester Arena terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert, which killed 22 people.