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Weekly Crime Blotters: Sep.10

Photo by Unique Rodriguez | The Signal

Sept. 1

That’s not Nyquil…

A Georgia State student was arrested for underage alcohol possession in the University Commons at around 3 a.m.

Sept. 4

What’s yours is mine.

A theft of less than $500 was reported in the Urban Life building.

Back to driver’s ed

A non-GSU person was arrested for driving on a suspended license at Piedmont Avenue and John Wesley Dobbs.

Robinson Test Prep Academy

Care to share?

A non-GSU person was arrested for drinking in public in Woodruff Park.

Sept. 5

Can you lend a hand?

GSUPD performed an agency assist off campus in the afternoon following a student’s complaint.

Unsportsmanlike conduct

A student reported a theft of less than $1,500 at the GSU Sports Arena.

Sept. 6

Febreze won’t help here…

The odor of marijuana was reported in the University Commons Building A just after midnight.