Weekly Crime Blotter: Jan. 29

Photo by Unique Rodriguez | The Signal

Jan 19

Get Out Challenge!
Non-GSU persons were issued a trespass warning and arrest for failure to leave the Georgia State Stadium Complex

A beautiful day to walk home
Downtown Campus GSU Student’s bike taken from Broad Street remains under investigation.

Jan 21

Wait, You aren’t in my class…
Non-GSU suspicious person arrested in the Arts and Humanity building

Leave us alone!
GSU PD is investigating threatening and harassing of GSU Commons residents

Jan 22

Wait, how’d you get in here?
GSU PD issued a “Trespassing for an Unlawful Purpose” in Student Center East. The case is no longer under investigation.

Jan 23

Can you watch my stuff?
Theft of close to $1,500 of GSU student’s belongings in Library North. The case is still under investigation.

What’s your name again?
Trespass warning issued to non-GSU affiliate in Urban Life Building leads to arrest.

Jan 24

Just hanging out
GSU PD investigating public indecency and exposure in public place on Clarkston Campus.

Jan 25

Please don’t tell Mom
Two GSU Students arrested in University Commons Building A for possession of marijuana

Hold my Waffle!
Theft of close to $500 in Piedmont Avenue Waffle House by Non-GSU person. The case is cleared and no longer being investigated.

But that was my Foo Fighters money!
GSU PD investigating theft of $500 of GSU student’s in the LRC building on the Dunwoody Campus.