Weekly Crime Blotter: Feb. 8

Feb. 1
First weed charge of the week

A student was arrested at Hurt Park at noon on Monday for possessing marijuana.

Feb. 2
Arena burglary

A thief made off with more than $1,500 worth of stolen property from the Georgia State sports arena. Georgia State campus police are actively searching for a culprit they believe is not a student.

Feb. 3
Another cannabis carry

At around 2 p.m. on Wednesday a Georgia State student was arrested for holding less than an ounce of grass. The student succumbed to the cuffs on the corner of Peachtree and Decatur Street.

Snatch ‘n’ grab

A Georgia State student reported a some stolen stuff in a GSUPD “snatching” report. Police are actively looking for said snatcher of said stuff.

Feb. 4
Threats of violence

A Georgia State student and a staff member were involved in a verbal confrontation which led to threats of violence. GSUPD is actively investigating the scenario.