VOX of the Week: Spring Break?


Question: Why are you still on campus over spring break?


William Huff
Year: Senior
Major: Computer Science
Fun fact: William used to work in the air force.
“I’m just working on some programming problems for job applications. So the library’s a nice and quiet place to do that, I guess.”

BrittanyBrittany Frankiemilner
Year: Sophomore
Major: Accounting
Fun fact: Brittany is currently writing a book about her mother.
“I work on campus for Housing, so I’m just finishing the last couple days of work, and then I’m heading out.”


Christopher Kuhstoss
Year: Senior
Major: Marketing
Fun fact: Christopher just won an award for Outstanding Minority Marketer.
“I actually want to get some work done here before I head off to spring break so I don’t have to worry about — you know, stressing about — like tests and stuff over the break.”


Lakecia Hammond
Year: Junior
Major: Journalism
Fun fact: Lakecia is freelance writer.
“I actually had to go to the Enrollment Services for the study abroad program. So it was necessary.”


Andrea Allen
Library Associate, Georgia State University
Fun fact: Andrea likes zumba.
Andrea talks about the traffic of students she’s seen over the break:
“It’s been a steady stream — I would say that. But it’s been nothing in comparison to Monday through Friday, 8 – 5 traffic. I call the library ‘Club Libra’ because [there are] so many students.”

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