Understanding Rihanna’s “ANTI” through your zodiac sign

Using your Zodiac sign to navigate an album can help you find songs that feel like the artist wrote them especially for you.

This approach toward a record is constructive when revisiting “ANTI” by Rihanna.

It has been four years since the album’s 2016 release, and many anxiously wait on Rihanna to release another project that could equal or surpass it in depth and expressivity.

To further dissect this album and find what song will reflect your personality, we must look into your sun sign and how it aligns with the themes reflected throughout the album. 

Track 1: “Consideration

This song focuses on finding yourself after being trapped in a toxic, power-struggle relationship. Aries identify with this song as they have recently faced an internal dilemma. This dilemma has left them searching to find their role in a partnership or group and seeking to find a balance that leads to inner peace and happiness.

Track 2: “James Joint

Love can be a complicated thing, and Rihanna emphasizes this in “James Joint” by detailing a complicated love story where one partner longs for the other to show more initiative. Gemini finds a piece of themselves in this song as they are currently longing for love, but they need to take a step back and let the universe take its course.

Track 3: “Work

“Work” is a dancehall-inspired track that portrays a dynamic duo focused on conveying feelings and keeping their partners engaged. This track is perfect for Leos, who lack in expressing their emotions and are looking for ways to express themselves adequately. Physical touch can be the key to solving this by providing genuine affection that they could not display previously.

Track 4: “Needed Me

Being a savage and not relying on anyone is the main message conveyed by this track. “Needed Me” is the perfect anthem for Taurus, who is currently turning over a new leaf in life and looking to end previous ties. Although this is not a comfortable journey to take, they should tap into their inner savage and embrace this change without fear.

Track 5: “Sex With Me

This slow, sensual track is all about embracing your sensuality and the love you have for yourself. The song serves as the perfect self-love anthem for the restless Cancer looking to unwind and take a break by putting themselves first.

Track 6: “Love On The Brain

This track depicts a whirlwind of emotions and the toll these emotions take that makes us feel drained and exhausted. The song explains an all-too-familiar feeling to Virgo,  who is indecisive and exhausted lately. Focusing on the root of the problem and taking it on can lead to a positive mindset and clarity amidst the storm.

Track 7: “Pose

Personality and playfulness abound in this track, focusing on leaning into a more experimental sound rather than taking itself too seriously. This track’s style is perfect for Libra, who seeks to have fun and take on new experiences rather than remain in the space of comfort.

Track 8: “Desperado

“Desperado” tackles the fear of being left behind. Scorpio relates to this track as they struggle to figure out the proper time to go after the things they want. Once an opportunity arises, they should take it and not let fear get in the way. 

Track 9: “Same Ol’ Mistakes

This track focuses on our past and how it shapes our future. This message resonates with Sagittarius, who finds comfort in balancing their history with their lot. Though this balance is comfortable, they should be open to new opportunities, opening up a new chapter of their life.

Track 10: “Higher

“Higher” focuses on experiencing a sense of loss after reaching the status of accomplishment. Capricorn understands this message, as they are always looking to achieve a challenge. But, once accomplished, they are left drained with a mixture of feelings. Listening to this song can help put their feelings into perspective and serve as a sense of comfort.

Track 11: “Never Ending

“Never Ending,” a soothing song about how the things around us can make us feel like we are going through the motions, speaks to Aquarius. Aquarius finds a sense of relief by identifying with the lyrics and taking a step back to reflect on the work they put in and what they gained as a result. 

Track 12: “Goodnight Gotham

“Goodnight Gotham” serves as a transitional piece in the album that seems like an endless loop. Pisces, feeling trapped in an infinite cycle of disappointment from others, may need to let it out and express their exact feelings to break ties to end this unnecessary stress.