Tunes to cure the back-to-school blues

Photo by Camille Bolos

After a relaxing few monthsor weeks if you took summer classesit can be hard to want to get back into the groove of classes. Lucky for us humans, we have been blessed with music! And as Bob Seger once wrote, music just soothes the soul.

Fall semester has descended upon us, so the writers and editors here at The Signal took it upon ourselves to create a playlist to soothe your restless soulor better yet, pump you up when you need it the most! Happy jamming, and welcome back!

The only back to school playlist you’ll need:

Camille Bolos – A&L Editor

“Electric Love” BORNS
With a high-intensity sound mixed in with Garrett Borns wicked vocals, the commute (or the walk) will feel a little less dreadful as you make your way to campus with this song. You might even find that you have a little spring in your step when he hits those high notes—I know I do. It’ll keep you moving and grooving all day long to get you through the back to school blues.

Savannah Elder – A&L staff writer

“Dancing in the moonlight” Toploader
I have a tendency to make my way through crowds thinking it’s a big party —for crowd anxiety reasons— and we’re all just dancin’. So, this is a song to stroll to. It always puts me in a finky mood.

“Roses” OutKast

Just Because…Atlanta

Vanessa Johnson – Photo Editor

“Silver Lining” Rilo Kiley

I love a song that makes me want to jump out of bed and throw the curtains open, welcoming the morning light and getting the day off to a good start—this song does just that! A beat that makes you want to dance around the room as you pick out your clothes is just what you need to get the day started on the right note before a long day of classes.

Jalen Jenkins – A&L staff writer

“It’s In The Attitude” Wild Side

This is a song I’m always happy to hear on the way to school or between classes. Really positive encouraging lyrics about being strong and putting your best foot forward with the backdrop of some hard hitting hardcore punk.

Feel so strong today, you can’t get in my way. I’m right on track, I’m coming back, better than before. Letting go of problems I don’t need anymore.”

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=2459456769 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false track=1482473259]

Tyler Renea Bates – A&L staff writer

“Nothing Can Come Between Us” SADE

I’m absolutely in love with this song and all of the mellow yet rhythmic beats that come with it. First off, the song is legendary and is sung by one of the greatest of all time. When I hear it in the morning the vibe is real chill, like everything is going to be ok. It’s one of those songs that say it’s going to be a great day, so live life, be in love, love others and don’t sweat the small stuff because it is what it is and love conquers all!

Khoa Tran – Production Editor

“Let It Happen” Tame Impala

From the title to the fast pace beat, this song makes me feel like never giving up on things. Just let things flow. There’s so much energy running through your body when you listen to this song, like it’s telling you to keep on running. But there’s slow part in between every fast beat. To me, it’s like a moment to reflect on yourself and your surroundings.

Salinna Phon – Associate Production Editor

“Bills” Lunch Money Lewis

It’s just a silly song…that reminds me why I need to keep hustling.

Christina Maxouris – Editor in Chief

“Taro” Alt-J

…Or any song from Alt-J really! They’re always the perfect mixture between ultimately relaxing and full of positive energy. It calms me down and gets me ready for the day, however stressful, and puts me in a great mood. Listen to their songs and you’ll realize there is no way to be feeling down when under the influence of their music. Whether doing some hardcore ab work, hitting the treadmill, driving back home, studying for an exam, or cramming through an essay, this band gets you focused and ready to go!

“Island in the sun” Weezer

Weezer! Your feel-good band from high school days, and one of my favorites. Their music is positive and so randomly happy it always gets me pumped. All of their songs start in a calmer tone (perfect for that kick to wake up) and really pump up as they go. My motivation to get through the year is always summer (even in the early days of September, October, and the storms of December and February) so it’s a reminder that there’s a warm island waiting for me on the other side (read: the end of the year) is the best way to keep me going.

Syrina Merilan – News Editor

“Bust a Move” – Young MC

This is an oldie, released in the late 80s, but this song does not fail to get your heart pumping fueling your energy to make all A’s in class. Once you listen to it you just have the overwhelming urge to get things done and make a “move” in your life.

“Feel it still” – Portugal. The Man

Another song that gives you a surge of energy. It gives off 60s vibes that put you in a groove to make things happen. It makes you believe that the world is in your hand and that’s the best mindset when it comes to doing well in class. The song is annoyingly catchy and an hour later you will still be humming it, but that ensures bursts of energy.