The Trapeze Club brings swinging into progressive dynamics

The VIP lounge at Trapeze, a swinger's club in Atlanta, Ga. Photo by Dayne Francis | The Signal
A private room in the VIP section of Trapeze.
Photo by Dayne Francis | The Signal

Experimentation within relationships is becoming a predominant lifechoice, especially amongst open-minded crowds, “Fifty Shades of Grey” made sure of that. So, whether it be something as hardcore as BDSM or as mundane as having an “afternoon delight,” couples and singles are trying to spice up intimacy in all sorts of ways.

There is one method that introduces a concept that allows singles and couples to broaden their trust and boundaries when immersing themselves in promiscuous connections with others, the term that is used to describe said individuals is “swingers.”

Swingers are, according to,  “a person regarded as being modern and lively; a person who swaps sexual partners in a group, especially habitually.” Well both definitions seem to illustrate swingers as very adventurous, so where would one go to project that wild side?

There is one place in Atlanta where swingers, people who like to just observe and people who want a solid meal and interesting people to eat it with can visit, The Trapeze Club. This place really does offer everything from private and public sexual opportunities to prime rib, that is a pretty wide offering.

 Swinging into expedition

David Martin, one of the managers at Trapeze, allowed The Signal to become accustomed with the backstory to the club and everything that happens behind its closed doors.

“At Trapeze adults can come out and live any fantasy they ever thought of or had,” Martin said. “At the front there is dinner and dancing, the chefs do a five-star dinner and they do breakfast, which is included with your door fees. If you want to go to the back, there are areas with private or group rooms where you can go and just watch or participate on different levels. If you just want to play with your partner then there’s places for that, and if you want to do the full snapping there are places for that as well.”

Trapeze is a place where couples join with other couples or for singles to meet other singles and develop their sexual experience. Aside from the fornications occurring in one’s bedroom, this place is also the only public (and legal) establishment in Atlanta that promotes the open exploration of sex between humans.

“Since I’ve started working at the club, one of the biggest changes in the customer base that I have noticed is a lot of couples that are younger are getting into the swinging lifestyle now or at least exploring the club. We are also noticing a lot more single females attending then did when I first started,” Martin said.

The creation of this progressive establishment began when the two founders decided to develop a high-end destination for those who love daring escapades. One was in the limo business and ventured into the club business, and the other partook in the swinger life and was tired of the run-down, hole-in-the-wall places he was offered to enjoy himself. “They wanted it to be an all-inclusive place where all your stuff can happen at. They started roughly 20-plus years ago in Fort Lauderdale and then 15 years ago came up to Atlanta to start our location,” Martin said.

According to Martin, there is no way to lock one into exactly what they want or who they are, everyone has their own version of swinging. Couples come hesitant or excited when entering Trapeze, and once the play begins, developments within the relationship occur both physically and emotionally.

Couple’s retreat with a twist

Most nights at Trapeze will consist of events that Martin finds normal, however, there are some cases where even he, after being in the business for so long, was surprised by.

“We did have a couple do their wedding vows here a few years ago,” Martin said. “One of our attendents got ordained and he performed the ceremony in the club, in front of the members in the back that night. That’s probably one of the most unique things that stands out to me.”

Martin specified why couples may develop an interest in this way of living and clarified the reasons that it may be healthier for couples to try it out, rather than stick to conventionality.

“If you are somewhat open-minded, you can enjoy yourself, and as long as you don’t have extreme jealousy issues. If you have those, then it’s not the place for you and your partner to go. With swingers it’s not cheating when they do it in front of each other, verses most regular marriages where people are sneaking around, and these couples are going out and doing it together. It kind of builds for a stronger relationship for them,” Martin said.

The swinger lifestyle and places like Trapeze allow couples to lay everything out on the table and be honest with one another, according to Martin. For some, Trapeze was the ideal location to test the waters for whatever one might be into to.

“The biggest thing is it enhances their openness with each other and communication, so that way even if swinging isn’t for them, they may like the aspect of coming to a private, clean club with great food and good service,” Martin said. “There’s no rude or pushy people, and you don’t have to worry about going to the bathroom and coming back to find five guys swarming your girl. It’s adults that are in an upscale environment that just want to come and have a good time.”

Membership Fees and Nightly Users Fees


  • Annual Membership:$300
  • 2-Month Membership: $50

Single Males:

  • 1-Month Membership: $100
  • 2-Month Membership: $150

Single Female:

  • 3-Month Membership: $50


  • Wednesday: $40
  • Thursday: $40
  • Friday: $70
  • Saturday: $80
  • Sunday: $40

Single Males:

  • Wednesday: $75
  • Thursday: $75
  • Friday: $75

Single Female:

  • Nightly: $15

* The fees to enter include a mandatory membership purchase, along with a nightly user fee. The nightly user fee covers your buffet dinner and breakfast, mixers, bar tending staff, locker usage and back room entrance.


4470 Commerce Drive SW

Atlanta, GA 30336

(404) 699-0100

  • Wednesday Night: 8 p.m. – 3 a.m.
  • Thursday Night: 8 p.m. – 3 a.m.
  • Friday Night: 8 p.m. – 4 a.m.
  • Saturday Night: 8 p.m. – 4 a.m.
  • Sunday Night: 8 p.m. – 3 a.m.

*check out the events calendar on the Trapeze website,



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