Trailers line Gilmer Street for filming near campus

The film “Addicted” was being filmed in the Hurt Building for several days which was the reason for multiple trailers lining Gilmer Street in front of Sparks Hall and the Arts and Humanities building.

Names labeled trailer doors which were character names from the erotic book “Addicted,” by novelist Zane. The book is now being adapted into a full feature length movie by Lion’s Gate.

“Zoe,” as one door read, is a character in the movie played by actress Sharon Leal, most notable from Tyler Perry’s “Why did I get Married?” films. Also from the aforementioned film is Tasha Smith, who played Angela.

In “Addicted,” Zoe Reynard is addicted to sex. She finds a therapist to help her, Smith’s character, who Zoe tells her story to. Zoe is trying to discover the source of her “fatal attraction.”

The trailers recently left Gilmer street but filming will continue in Atlanta.