Traditions and music to get into the fall spirit

Fall is approaching, meaning soon leaves will turn vivid yellows and reds, temperatures will start dropping and comfy clothing will be acceptable at all hours of the day. 

With fall weather being so nice, the outdoors becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of activities. For each, there’s a song to match the occasion. 

1. Piedmont Park, “Various Storms and Saints” by Florence and the Machine

Georgia summers are notoriously hot, so the cooling temperature is a welcome relief. The fall has the perfect weather to be outdoors. Due to  COVID-19, it’s a great time to embrace this change in the air and listen to music that suits the season’s mood. 

If anyone is looking to relax, Piedmont Park is the perfect place for it. Junior Reyna Askin prefers to be outdoors this time of year.

“Piedmont Park has been my favorite place to spend time in the fall ever since my friends took me there my freshman year for a picnic,” Askin said. “When the colors of the leaves change and it gets cooler, I could stay out there for hours.”

Going outside to breathe in fresh air is a helpful way to destress, and listening to music can relieve stress from the pressures of work, school and general life stressors. 

For junior Hire Usman, the song “Various Storms and Saints” by Florence and the Machine carries the message to take a step back and transform in the fall.

“The song feels like a story of transformation within and without,” they said. “Fall is a season of transformation, especially because I’m so used to spending that season struggling through school and the things that it embodies and reinforces.”

For many students, the fall season is a time of change and new experiences because of the start of the school year. In nature, fall is truly a time of reform and is the perfect opportunity to refocus and grow.

“So many things press on me outside and inside, so I metamorphose, bend, break and regroup constantly,” Usman said. “[The] fall equinox is usually the time of year I step back and really contend with who I am and what I’ve done.”

2. Atlantic Station, “Garden Kisses” by Giveon

The crisp fall air is the perfect weather for walking around and hanging out with friends. To match this laid back vibe, freshman JaMiracle White suggested the song “Garden Kisses” by Giveon. 

This beautiful R&B and soul song will undoubtedly be a go-to for anyone who’s in love or for those who are hopeless romantics.

Atlantic Station is an aesthetically pleasing destination for friends and couples. With so many different stores, restaurants and boutiques to choose from, everyone is bound to find a place that calls to them.

Places like Atlantic Station become safe havens for students like junior Eli Negede, who need a place to escape when life moves too fast. This school year has been different than any other, so escaping daily life for a quick breather is sometimes all that’s needed to get back on track.

“Atlantic Station during the fall is one of the best places I’ve gone to,” Negede said. “From the festive lighting to the crazy amounts of options of food and shopping they have. It has definitely been a great place for me to unwind and just destress from school, especially during exam season.”

3. Blossom Tree, “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol

Not everybody is a fan of the traditional pumpkin spice and cinnamon tastes of the fall, but the season doesn’t have to be defined by that. Celebrating autumn can include having a good meal with friends or family, which is a great way to stay connected and enjoy time together.  

Fall is characterized by coziness, community, good food and good vibes. 

One place that encompasses all of these things is a local Korean restaurant called Blossom Tree. Georgia State students frequent this restaurant like Eli Fleury, who stumbled upon it their freshman year. It has since become a tradition to eat here.

“In my opinion, Blossom Tree is the best place to eat at to get a unique mix of Korean food paired up at a fantastic price,” said Fleury. “The service and vibe throughout the store are fantastic, and it’s hard [not to love] this place, which makes it near impossible to not eat here every day with my friends.”

Spending time with loved ones is an integral part of the fall season. Junior Xavier Firth recommends the song “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol to capture the feeling of spending time with those he holds dear. 

This is a classic love song that gives the feeling of sitting in a cafe or restaurant, watching cars pass by and leaves fall while taking a moment to appreciate those around you. 

“‘Chasing Cars’ has a very relaxed feel to it that’s like bathing in the fall colors,” Firth said. “It’s just a perfect song for resting with those you love.”

4. Watch scary movies at home, “$CARY” by DellaXOZ

Since COVID-19 has closed many traditional Halloween festivities, it’s the perfect time to find alternate activities at home or outdoors. One common fall tradition is watching scary movies.

This trend is so common that television stations such as Disney Channel and Freeform, have either 31 days or a weekend-long marathon of Halloween movies.

While some students despise scary movies, students like sophomore Trevon Lewis watch them any time of the year.

“I like watching scary movies over any other genre … because I enjoy the suspense and the thrill of watching scary movies like ‘Insidious,’” Lewis said. “Funny scary movies are the best because you know it is not real, but there’s still some added suspense that makes it seem scary.”

With the Halloween season comes a spooky atmosphere and an attraction to the macabre. There are also plenty of tunes to get excited about the holiday. These songs have their own unique yet eerie sound that can quickly put you in the Halloween spirit. 

Halloween music has evolved over the years. While typical Halloween songs like “Monster Mash” and “Thriller” are well-known and loved, there are plenty of new young artists putting out great music with an alternative “spooky” sound. The Signal created an alternate Halloween playlist with some cool, unorthodox additions for any spooky occasion. 

DellaXOZ is a young artist from the U.K. and her hip-hop song called “$CARY” feeds into the popular hyperpop sound with its electronic edits. 

Despite being played over a simple piano tune, this song still flawlessly embodies the chilling feeling of watching a scary movie. The lyrics are Halloween-esque, with mentions of horror story characters like Bloody Mary. 

5. Southern Belle Farms, “Autumn Love Song” by Billy Vaugh and his Orchestra

Despite Georgia State’s lack of a fall break, students like Nigel Walton appreciate the free time he has on the weekends to tap back into his country roots and embrace the outdoors. When life in the city gets tiring, it is always good to take a trip back to where you feel the most at home.

“One of my favorite places to go is Southern Belle Farms in McDonough, Georgia, about 45 mins away from campus,” Walton said. “For a country boy like me, I love the sights and sounds that I get to experience when I go there. From the pumpkin patch to the hayrides to just taking pictures with my friends, it is a great time for everyone.”

Many people find themselves wanting to find someone to call their own and cozy up to with a hot drink by a crackling fire in the fall. The season can be a very romantic time for people, and going to places like Southern Belle Farms is a lovely date or activity for close friends. 

A fitting song to listen to at this location is  “Autumn Love Song” by Billy Vaugh and his orchestra. Despite not containing lyrics, the orchestra and piano’s melodic timbre creates warm energy that can fill a room with the feeling of love and happiness. 

The fall season has different meanings for different students. It may be a time for hibernating, taking a breather or turning over a new leaf. 

Music not only brings people closer together but brings a sense of peace and comfort to those who need it. Nonetheless, everyone has their own way of celebrating the season of fall. The season is truly what you make it.