Through Bryant’s eyes

Neimus Bryant

If you have been a part of the Georgia State family or reside on campus, you are probably thinking that the 2014-15 football season has been dry and disappointing.

Losses have continued to pile up this season after the initial triumph of the team over Abilene Christian back in August, and a string of losses can take a toll on players.

But outside linebacker Neimus Bryant, who played his high school football at Carver High, says that the team has done its part in not listening to any of their detractors.

“There are doubters everywhere, our coach has been doing a great job leaving those guys out,” Bryant stated. “Our coach always says if you don’t want to be here, leave.”

Bryant also believes that head coach Trent Miles is the best man to turn this program around.

“Coach Miles turned Indiana State around in two years from an 0-12 team to [an] undefeated bowl game team, so that’s why we brought him in at Georgia State,” Bryant said.

Even as the team has become more competitive in games since moving to the Sun Belt last season, there are still strides that Georgia State has to make in order to be more competitive in the conference in the future.

Bryant believes that the approach to the game needs to be different.

“We just need to come into the season with a way different mental approach, towards everything,” Bryant suggested. “We need to be more aggressive in everything we do. We need to be tuned in and dialed in with making the minimum amount of mistakes.”

Despite the struggles, Bryant says that the team’s mindset should not be any different than what it was when the team’s record stood at no wins and no losses.

“It can’t change because you have to remain focused and give your all no matter what the outcome is. Win, lose or draw, you have to have Panther pride with ten toes down.”

A difficult part of the season is losing games consistently and then trying to drag yourself out of bed for the next day. Whether it’s watching film, hitting the field or working out it can a difficult task to accomplish.

“It definitely hurts. It’s a toll on your body and it is a toll mentally. It takes a very tough person to get up loss after loss consecutively, but it is all a building process,” Bryant said.

This week the Panthers will hit the road to take on the Appalachian State Mountaineers on Nov. 1.

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