The United States’ health care is corrupt

The prices of druges in the US is one of the highest depsit taxpayers funding a majority of the research. Photo by triocean2011 on

You probably heard of the various jokes about the United States’ healthcare system over the years. It is a known fact that our healthcare system is not the best in the world. Various people compare our health care with Great Britain or even France. 

Even American citizens joke about our healthcare system because we get through difficult situations with humor. 

It is no secret that our healthcare system mainly focuses on money. The United States’ health care is famous for this because of capitalism. 

The healthcare system of the United States’ is famous for its high cost. However, unlike other high-cost products, we do not have a premium package on our health insurance just because we pay more for it. 

The United States scored poorly on different health measures like life expectancy, preventable hospital admissions, suicide and maternal mortality. 

As a result, many people like to avoid the hospital if possible, mainly because of the prices of just going to the emergency rooms. However, sometimes people have no choice but to go to the emergency room because they are not insured. 

The health care system does not give us a choice on whether we want to be under insurance or not. The concept of money has caused everyone who is not part of health insurance to lose funding and support under our current insurance model. 

It will cost more, a lot of people will go bankrupt because of our healthcare system. 

People go bankrupt due to a medical issue primarily because someone in the person’s family has a severe illness. These severe illnesses include terminal diseases like an advanced form of cancer, neurological conditions or even an advanced lung disease. 

Insurance companies in the United States are beyond predictable. Each year, an insurance company could change its policies and truly mess up someone’s medical plan. 

This idea  could mean that the medications the insurance could cover would probably change, making the person’s medication hidden and costing them more of the original cost after the insurance comes in. 

It is very damaging to those who rely on these medications to find some normalcy in their lives. 

They count on their medications to thrive in their daily life. Mental medications are not an easy fix when the insurance does not cover them. 

People could spend months or years trying to find their perfect combination of antidepressants and anxiety meds. And an insurance company’s policy change could ruin it all. 

It is not just medication people should worry about. It can also change who you see for physical or other worries for your overall health. 

Many people have a hard time finding a physician that would help them with whatever medical issue they have. With just a policy change for the insurance you are under, the system forces you to spend multiple hours of your day finding a new replacement. 

The health care system in the United States is nowhere near perfect. Many people suffer from the money-hungry ways of a health insurance company. 

We need to be more aware of what to do with these various challenges. 

We have to keep an open mind based on each insurance company. What other choice do we have? It is not a choice to have insurance or not, especially for those who suffer from different medical diseases in which they need to have insurance to afford their medicines.