7/1 Crime Blotter: On the wrong side of the road… and the law.

On the wrong side of the road… and the law.

On June 17, Georgia State police stopped a vehicle traveling the wrong way on a one way roadway. After a criminal history check was conducted, the officers discovered that the vehicle tags were stolen and the driver had a warrant out of Clayton County.

The driver was arrested on counts of Theft and Agency Assist and then transported to Fulton County Jail.

Power tool and powder brush stolen from vehicle.

On June 18, Georgia State authorities were informed of a reported attempted theft.

A Georgia State student stated that she parked her vehicle at 1:00 p.m., but when she returned at 3:00 p.m., her JVC stereo, power drill and makeup bag with products had been stolen.

Police are investigating the break-in.

For now, this student will have to press on without her make-up or her power drill.

Laptop stolen from library.

On June 20, a Georgia State student reported that her laptop had been stolen from the library.

The student stated that she had left the laptop unattended, and, when she returned, it had been stolen.

Georgia State authorities are currently investigating the incident.

Wild behavior in Woodruff Park

On June 24, officers arrested a Non-Georgia State affiliate for Drinking in Public.

While in Woodruff Park, an officer was approached by a seemingly intoxicated man.

The man began yelling at the officer.

Observing that the male was more-than-likely drunk, the police officer inquired as to what was in the cup the man was holding.

“A beer,” said the man.

The man was then arrested, processed and transported to Atlanta City Jail.

Apparently, for this man, sobriety was no walk in the park.

Naptime cut short for Atlanta resident.

On June 24, a Criminal Trespass Warning was filed at Parking Deck G after a Georgia State officer observed a male asleep on the cement floor.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the individual was not affiliated with Georgia State. He was then escorted off the premises.

Hopefully, the individual finds a safer place to lay his head that isn’t a parking garage, parking lot, or busy traffic intersection.

Cell phone stolen at Sun Trust

On June 25, a Georgia State staff member reported a theft at the Sun Trust Building.

She stated that she left her cell phone unattended on her desk and, when she returned, she discovered that it had been stolen.

This case is being investigated by Georgia State authorities.

They should try to call the crook, or maybe leave them a voicemail, asking them to return the phone.

Thief has not-so-sticky fingers                  

On June 25, a report was filed for Attempted Theft by Snatching.

A Georgia State student stated that she was walking and talking on her phone when an unknown male ran up beside her, snatched her phone out of her hand and ran.

The phone was later recovered after the suspect had apparently dropped it in flight.

Hopefully, the thief didn’t make any long-distance calls while the phone was in their possession.

Lock damaged, but no property stolen.

On June 25, a report was filed for Property Damaged/Tampered with the Georgia State Police Department.

A staff member reported that a lock clamp was damaged on a storage building, but no property was stolen from the building.

GSUPD are investigating the situation further.

At least they know that the lock works.