The safety measures at Georgia State

GSU has a system in order to make their students feel safe by having GSU police, you could report suspicious activity or requesting an escort by calling 404-413-3333. Photo by Seawards Dawson | The Signal

Imagine this. You are attending Georgia State this semester. It is your first year, and you are beyond excited to start your academic career in the fall. 

You get your Panther Mail account to open as a student, and you see a notification about a crime report that happened at the very campus you are supposed to be attending. After seeing this notification, your excitement starts to dwindle because now you are worried about your safety while attending your classes.

Safety is a common subject everyone asks about before they decide to move into that apartment building before they choose to work at this company and especially before attending college. Everyone wants to feel safe when it comes to a significant change in their lives.

Georgia State has a campus report email thread to tell you what is happening at the Georgia State downtown campus. This report talks about events as well as crimes at the Atlanta campus. 

These reports could scare those attending Georgia State who live in Atlanta. These crime reports inform the other students who attend Georgia State about a robbery or an assault. 

This system allows students to decide their route accordingly to avoid the area where the crime took place.

Georgia State has a comprehensive safety system to keep students, faculty, and staff safe when walking around campus. Georgia State police have a significant role in student safety at Georgia State, regardless of campus. 

People call the Georgia State police to report a crime recently at the campus, suspicious activity, or request someone to escort us to our car when we don’t feel safe.

Despite the Georgia State police being excellent at their jobs, no system is foolproof. Most of the time, the more minor reports from the college broadcast email thread come from the central campus Downtown. 

Unlike the smaller campuses in the Perimeter area, most of the crimes happen there. The main campus is much bigger, and nothing is ever 100% safe in such a big city.

Because the main campus is more at risk, it can be hard to feel safe when attending classes in that area. It can make many people feel hopeless when they do not feel like they control their situation. 

We can gain more control over our situation by signing up for Panther Alerts. This small alert system can notify you if a crime happens on campus.

In terms of feeling safe on campus, women have to take extra steps to make it home safely. It makes traveling at night on the Atlanta campus intimidating for women because it is hard to feel safe most of the time at night. 

Some women like to request escorts, whether it is with the Georgia State police or if it is with a classmate.

Safety is essential when it comes to attending college. It is because you are briefly attending class or living on the main campus. 

It is essential to feel safe when you are attending school, so having a friend walk you home makes you feel safer or having a GSU police escort you to your car. Safety is all that matters at the end of the day.