The heartthrobs are all grown up: One Direction and Justin Bieber compete in album release

One Direction and Justin Bieber have rocked headlines for years, though, in Bieber’s case, not always in the best light. Thankfully, Bieber has managed to stay out of headlines recently, except to boost his new album, “Purpose.” On the other hand, One Direction have stayed in the headlines following bandmate Zayn Malik’s departure in March. With this loss, critics speculate on the success of One D’s new album, “Made in the A.M.,”

Directioners assured critics they had nothing to worry about, and One Direction’s first single, “Drag Me Down,” certainly put all doubts to rest. The chart-topping single set up the album as a success after the first play-through. While the lyrics leave something to be desired – the whole song is a repetition of the same verse – the beat is awesome, and despite having the deepest voice, Harry Styles can hit the high notes just as well as Malik could.

Similarly, Bieber’s first single, “What Do You Mean?” was met with critical acclaim, taking the top spot away from The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” on the Billboard 100. The song has an incredible electronic beat and smooth vocals, but, once again, the lyrics leave something to be desired. Even the catchy melody can’t make up for the over-used “I don’t understand women” trope.

“Sorry,” Bieber’s second single, has the same style vocals as the first single and a much more mature, clean sound than previous albums. The beat, however, is another step up for Bieber. The success of this song is as much due to Skrillex, who co-produced the song with Blood, as it is to Bieber. The lyrics are also much more mature, proof of how much Bieber has grown since his first album debuted.

One Direction’s second single, “Perfect,” also shows how much the band has grown as a whole. The song, which, at first, sounds like another cutesy love song from the pop quartet, is about One Direction’s personal experiences with love. It offers a much more intimate look at the boys’ lives than previous songs offered. It’s also a huge improvement lyrically for Styles and Tomlinson, who worked on the song with their team of writers.

Both albums are, as a whole, definitely a success for Bieber and One Direction. There has been incredible growth for both acts, though only Bieber seems to have found his voice. One Direction continues to experiment with their albums as their management team loosens the reins. While Bieber heads on a world tour to promote his album, One Direction will be taking a much deserved break following their album release. Fans don’t need to worry, though, neither One Direction or Justin Bieber will be leaving headlines anytime soon.


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Top Tracks: “I’ll Show You” and “Love Yourself”

Verdict: Bieber may not have polished up his act, but he’s certainly polished up his voice. By pairing up with big names in the industry, including Halsey, Ed Sheeran, and Skrillex, Bieber has created an outstanding album.

Grade: A-


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Top Tracks:
“Perfect” and “Infinity”

Verdict: Despite many critics’ doubts, One Direction have been successful with their new album. It’s obvious in the songs and the music videos that the boys had fun experimenting with new styles and melodies on this album. However, this album puts a huge emphasis on Styles’ voice over everyone else, and the band still has some room to grow lyrically.

Grade: A-