The good the bad and the ugly: Midterm week

It’s the time of year that you’re least looking forward to. Your homework load had doubled, study guides are your BFF’s and the library is your new home. What is this event you ask? It’s midterm week! All my fellow procrastinators and last minute people, brace yourselves.

In all honesty midterms shouldn’t be anything but a time of reassurance. Be honest with yourself; if you’ve been slacking off, missing assignments and skipping classes, you have every reason to be concerned. On the other hand, if you’ve been on top of things academically, you have no worries.

There are three categories to midterm week: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The Good: You’re halfway through the semester and have been consistent with the completion of your work. Smooth sailings are ahead for you. People in this category may actually look forward to taking midterms because their preparation may boost their grade. Good for you.

The Bad: This is crunch time for a lot of students. Procrastinators are beginning to really feel the pressure and your work is piling up. You needed to reserve a study room in the library yesterday. These students are a little behind, but there’s still hope for your grade.

The Ugly: You haven’t attended classes regularly and when you do you may be physically present, but mentally you’ve checked out. That solid C you thought you had has turned into a D and you’re borderline failing. Your options are extremely limited; you can either risk it all by staying in the class and take the midterm or you can just get a “W” on your transcript.

Regardless of what category you fall into, you’re responsible for your placement. Midterms aren’t a big secret and though you may not know the exact date, you know that midterms happen.

Instead of cramming six weeks’ worth of information, try establishing a study schedule for yourself early on. Be realistic, too; you’re more likely to study for one hour versus three straight hours.

Only join a study group if you’ll actually study. Otherwise, you’re just socializing and adding to the problem. Get a tutor if necessary and visit your professor’s office hours. That’s what they’re there for.

Last but not least, spend more time studying the tougher subjects or the areas you know you’re struggling in.

Good luck studying and may the curve be in your favor!