The Einstein Bros. is out, Burrito Bowl is coming

Concept art of Burrito Bowl. Photo courtesy | Boyd Beckwith


Student Center Director Boyd Beckwith says renovations for the new eatery is ahead of schedule.  Photo by Sean Keenan | The Signal
Student Center Director Boyd Beckwith said renovations for the new eatery is ahead of schedule.
Photo by Sean Keenan | The Signal

Students will be stuffing their faces with big portions this fall as Burrito Bowl moves into Georgia State’s Student Center East food court, according to Student Center Director Boyd Beckwith.

Students can munch down burritos, rice bowls and salads this fall semester as Beckwith said Burrito Bowl has the edible offerings that should appeal to the needs of even the pickiest students.

“Millennials want their own say in how things are,” he said. “Burrito Bowl is the ultimate in customization.”

Beckwith said the Student Center Advisory council took these requests into account when chewing over vendor possibilities.

“The Student Center Advisory Council was really the instigator behind the change and selection of this particular food vender,” he said. “They taste tested and juggled several other options and this was the most popular.”

Beckwith said the council introduced the new vendor to replace Einstein Bros. Bagels, as the bagelry has been unable to financially support its dinner hour employees.

“The Student Center has been subsidizing [Einstein’s] hours to keep them open later because we want there to be a food service available in the building,” he said. “Our hope is by changing out this food service, we won’t have to continue to subsidize their labor hours for the evenings.”

However, Georgia State film student Alec Owen said he is distraught by the departure of Einstein Bros. and confused by the abundance of burrito-related offerings.

“As a fan of bagels, I find this disheartening,” he said. “Einstein Bros. provided quality bagels for many years and it will be said to see them go. We already have Willy’s and Moe’s [nearby]. Do we really need more burrito presence on campus?”

Along with the Burrito Bowl addition, the Student Center Advisory Council and Student Government Association have elected to switch the locations of Freshens and Pasta Creation. The new downstairs Freshens will also sell Starbucks coffee, according to Beckwith.

“The goal [of these changes] is to bring more students into the building and serve them better,” Beckwith said. “My hope of hopes is that this change will do so well that we’ll be able to remain open in the summer as well.”

Beckwith also hinted that Panther Pizza might be working on an order-ahead mobile app.