The College of Education appoints new Dean

Georgia State’s College of Education officially has officially appointed a new Dean, Regent’s Professor in Intellectual Studies, Dr. Paul A. Alberto.

As the interim Dean since 2012, Dr. Alberto set goals in previous academic years.

For the 2013 academic year some of his projected goals for the College of Education (COE) included, “setting records for student quality, researching dollars gained and widening service to [the] Atlanta community,” according to his published notes on the COE’s website.

Additionally, Dr.
Alberto has been the key leader in the implementation of the COE’s Strategic plan that will evolve from 2013 to 2020, according to the COE website.

“The COE will become a leader in globalized
perspectives related to research, education, and teaching,” states one of the five goals of the Strategic plan listed on the COE’s website.

In the description
listed in one of the initiatives of this goal, one opportunity that students
can look forward to is the development of joint programs and degrees within the COE.

Students like sophomore English major, Jacob Sullivan may have a chance to take advantage of the benefits of the plan in spite of not being an education major.

“It would be cool to have a program, like a tour of schools, for students who aren’t majors but are interested in teaching,” he said.

Students can look forward to the new developments that Dr. Alberto will continue to execute through the Strategic plan as time goes on.