The 1913 Society: Meet Georgia State’s presidential ambassadors

Members of the 1913 Society can be found greeting guests at official Georgia State events, ranging from keynote speakers to donor events to home football games. Photo by Shel Levy | The Signal

Presidential Ambassador Jazmin Garcia, a member of the 1913 Society, stood outside of the double doors to Dahlberg Hall greeting attendees for the Veterans Recognition Ceremony on Nov. 7. She welcomed guests, checked them in and answered their questions.

Established by the Office of the President, this student ambassador program allows undergraduate students to serve as official hosts and ambassadors for Georgia State. Members of the 1913 Society can be found greeting and ushering in guests at official Georgia State events that range from keynote speakers to donor events and even home football games.

Members are not limited to attending and assisting with the events but are also encouraged to participate in community service activities. For example, a toy drive will be held for patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for the holiday season. 

Garcia and Grace Davenport, another ambassador, both agree that being able to show a strong presence of diversity and having the opportunity to give back to Georgia State is what makes working and attending these events worthwhile.

Presidential Ambassador Ausar Simmonds believes that because a majority of events are attended by donors, it is important for them to see the students who their contributions are directly benefiting.

As Garcia describes it, being a member of the 1913 Society is like being Georgia State’s poster child. 

“We volunteer to work these events in order to represent Georgia State in all aspects in a positive way and we strive to be more than just students,” Garcia said. “Not a lot of people know about 1913 or the substance it can bring them for becoming a professional individual.”

William Anderson, a 2017 Georgia State graduate and a member of the 1913 Society for two years, serves as an example of what possibilities the society could bring.

Thanks to the professional skills gained from being a member of the 1913 Society, he says, he was able to attain his job ate Georgia Bureau of Investigation as a death investigation specialist. 

“In 1913, you learn a lot of diplomacy, interpersonal skills and, overall, how to be a professional that will help you no matter what career field you go into,” Anderson said.

The membership process for the 1913 Society can be lengthy, according to Davenport. She said this is to ensure that students applying are dedicated to serving Georgia State and not just attempting to gain “academic prowess.”

The process includes the basics: application with recommendation letters, headshots and an essay piece. Group interviews follow the submittal of the application and if chosen to continue the process, individual interviews proceed with the group ones. Acceptance is yearly in the spring. 

With over 200 applications received, less than 30 were accepted in spring 2019.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article incorrectly spelled Ausar Simmonds’ last name.