F—: Capricorn wants to impress you just as much as you want to impress them. Beware: Keeping up those unrealistic Instagram appearances can be exhausting long-term. Either get real with each other or get lost.


M: This shouldn’t be a surprise, but you’re demanding. Constant attention, food and undenying affection is something Virgo is only too happy to oblige.


K: Aries. Enough said. They’re boisterous, and it comes off as cheap, embarrassing self-promotion. 


Food has to be in the cards. The only thing Taurus loves more than cuisine is money, but wandering around a bank isn’t very romantic.


Dinner and drinks is played out, so let’s up the ante, maybe a picnic, a food truck tour or a food festival. Perhaps tie some Monopoly into your picnic! After all, Taurus loves to play games.