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Table tennis serving new opportunities to students

Georgia State Intramurals is set to welcome a new sport into its ranks for the fall 2019 season: table tennis. James Mechwart, a junior at Georgia State, is the founder of the program. The opportunity to bring table tennis to the school is an exciting one for him.


Mechwart is no stranger to the sport. He played in high school and at his former college, the University of North Georgia. One of the main reasons he’s pushed for a chance to have the program is because he believes the sports brings about a strong sense of community and teamwork.  


“I started playing a couple years ago at the University of North Georgia, and I wanted to bring the sport for an important sense of community,” Mechwart stated.


The process of registering the sport for the fall semester was a lengthy one. While not the most enjoyable, Mechwart knew that the process was worth it not only for himself, but the school as a whole. 

“I made a few calls, filled out a few forms and after a semester and a half of networking, people started to join and we got bigger,” Mechwart said.

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Mechwart is also looking at bringing in sponsors to help network the sport to others and get them interested in playing. In his efforts to highlight the community aspect of the sport, he wants to get sponsors and create awareness about the program. In turn, Mechwart hopes this will help the program get the necessary equipment for those who are joining the program. 

For the fall season, Mechwart has been able to tie down a few early members. 

“We currently have about 15 members, but we are sure to have more during the fall semester,” Mechwart said.

Mechwart hopes to have at least 20 or more join his program as the fall intramural season begins opening its doors to new members. In doing so, Mechwart hopes to spread the table tennis culture around campus..

Table tennis is one of the world’s most popular and diverse sports. From Asian nations, such as China, Japan, South Korea and India, to European nations like Sweden and Germany. 

Here at Georgia State, the sport’s diversity is significant, as it embodies the core values that the university promotes. The university prides itself on its diverse student body and inclusion. Mechwart said the addition of table tennis will only further highlight the school’s diversity. 

The sport is also small enough that even those who had no previous knowledge can pick up the sport and learn. Mechwart is excited to see where the sport can go on campus.