Students bartend at Hole in the Wall

Beer pong, Bud Light and screaming sorority girls. This is Welfare Wednesday at the local bar, Hole in the Wall.


But for the bartenders who work here, it is just that–work… with a casual vibe.

Senior business major Omar Mustaffa has been a bartender at Hole in the Wall since 2011.

Omar Mustaffa bartends several nights a week at Hole in the Wall.
Omar Mustaffa bartends several nights a week at Hole in the Wall.

Mustaffa said his job interview was not a regular, formal one. He interviewed with one of the managers while drunk–and a week later he got the job.

Hole in the Wall is known for being a college hangout bar. Just like the ambiance of the bar, the bartenders have a casual mentality.

“Hole in the wall is just one of the few true dance clubs in Buckhead. The drink specials are also some of the best in the area. That really brings in the college crowd,” Mustaffa explained.

Before people get wild on busy nights, the bartenders hang out beforehand, talking and playing beer pong or pool. The lack of a particular dress-code also emphasizes the relaxed demeanor at the bar.

Mustaffa said he is typically wearing a fraternity t-shirt, shorts and blue and white tie-dyed socks to work. From performing a drink trick to customers bumping into him, he is changing shirts through out the night.


“Drinks being spilled is a common thing; I usually bring an extra shirt to change into. Sometimes if it’s busy I’ll just work though it. It’s not that bad when it’s hot out,” Mustaffa said.

Although working at Hole in the Wall is generally a laid back experience, there are moments when things get out of hand.

It is the crazy, busy nights when being a bartender can get tricky. At any one time, several people want to be served, and bartender Alyssa Warren admits that it is difficult to handle everyone.

“You only have two hands,” Warren said. “I try to mentally see who comes to me first to be fair, but it’s hard. I don’t know if you have ever been here on a Wednesday night, but it can get wild.”

Just like with any bar, fights break out. When that happens, it is up to every bartender to take action if security does handle it right away.

The same goes for when someone has been drinking too much; legally the bartender has to call a cab for anyone who is excessively drunk, so they do not drive under any circumstance.

“Legally, you’re suppose to tell them no. At the same time, you don’t want them throwing up everywhere,” Mustaffa said.

Mustaffa explained the craziest groups of people that come through Hole in the Wall are the ones celebrating a twenty-first birthday.

“It’s just showing that kid the best time on their first night out in Buckhead. It’s cool being the first legal bartender they have had,” Mustaffa said.

Working as a bartender in college has its benefits and its downfalls. Yes, there is the opportunity for good money, but then there is also school work to worry about.

On Wednesday nights, Mustaffa works until four in the morning and then has an 11 o’clock class the next morning. If Mustaffa has a test that Thursday, he forgoes sleeping for studying.

Without any sleep from that previous night, he will then go out with his friends and party that evening. It is not until Friday night when he literally passes out.

Hole in the Wall manager Patrick Anvaripour has been managing this bar for 15 years.

“[The hardest thing is] managing all of these folks and making sure everyone gets along. It’s like a little family in here,” said Anvaripour.

The family environment is one of the reasons why Warren loves working here.

“The managers are like your dads. It’s so casual. That’s why I haven’t left,” Warren said.

As far as Mustaffa is concerned at Hole in the Wall, Anvaripour could not be happier with his employment.

“He’s not the follower, he’s the leader. He’s a really cool kid and works really hard for us. I can’t say enough good about him. He’s definitely a good guy.”