Students speak on death and mortality

The mood of the Troy Moore Library was quite somber and melancholy as the Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design hosted the a forum on death as a part of its symposium series. Students of all studies were encouraged to submit their papers on the topic that is often viewed as taboo.

When asked why she was compelled to participate in the symposium, graduate student Susanne Degnats stated that “I had done some research about a year and a half ago regarding some near -death experiences and I felt it might add something to the proceedings.”

Dr. John Decker organized the symposium and “I think the symposium was extremely successful  What we set out to do with this symposium was to bring together as many as disciplines and viewpoints as possible on this large philosophical subject of death and I think we really accomplished that.”

Professor Michael White , the director of the Ernest G. Welch School was also in attendance. For more information of the symposium, visit the Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design’s website here.

Joshua Yu | The Signal
Selected speakers from the Welch Symposium on death. From left to right: Zachary Bates, Rachel Watford, Susanne Degnats, Robert Jones, Philip Messina, Megan O’Neill, Gui Oliveira.