Students react to election results

Joshua Yu | The Signal

Online reporters Darris Pope and Emma Dickerson asked students what they thought of the election results.  Here’s what the students had to say:

Raymond Dockery
Major: Film and Video  
“I was pleased, I felt like the Obama camp, excuse me, President Obama camp did everything that they needed to to get the win. The media made is seem like it was a much closer race than it was. On different channels there were different reportings. I believe MSNBC for a long time they had governor Romney ahead. ABC seemed to cover the election more objectively. So I just kept watch ABC. By the time, I think at one point it was 174 to 174 so I really thought it was a close race. But once more of the blue states started coming in, he just took off! I kindly went to my Facebook and told people to just get over it. My president is back for four more years.”


Katie Phillips
Major: Journalism
“At first it was really close. I expected that. I was surprised that Obama got ahead of Mitt Romney so much because I thought it was going to be really close and he would only win by a little bit, but I was real surprised he won by a large margin.”



Shalom Little
Major: Journalism
“I actually wasn’t too surprised it turned out the way it did. The only thing that caught me a little bit off guard was that itwas really close. It was closer than I expected it to be. The whole statement about binders full of women and all the other kinda crazy things he been saying throughout the election… I felt that majority of people were still gonna vote for Obama. I don’t feel like Mitt Romney had the women vote or minority vote locked down.”

Elana Benn
Major: Journalism
“I think America has finally woken up. I think America made the right decision. I voted for Obama, I’ve been campaigning on Facebook, I’m proud. … Twitter blew up with comments! Facebook, a lot of my friends on Facebook are from the South and were talking about it too; I saw a lot of statuses with “For Obama” and “Not for Obama”. I also saw a lot of people that weren’t happy about the election, but about as many that were happy. People were very passionate in their responses.”


Kasey Rollins
Major: Biochemistry
” I feel like the process of the Electoral College itself is not as effective as it should or can be… the votes are supposed to go to a candidate but don’t necessarily have to [it can be] misleading in a way. This is the first time in history that there have been the 3 consecutive presidencies won 2 running terms, but I’m just interested to see how…Obama will do in his second term, based on past experiences the second term may not be better on the first. … It was also historical. Nineteen women were voted into Congress; that was actually pretty cool to see. And I think a few states legalized marijuana. It was a very interesting election.”