Students make money off sold-out Pantherpalooza tickets

Pantherpalooza brought anticipation, excitement and overpriced tickets for students unlucky enough to buy tickets before they sold out.

Leading up to the sold-out event and even during the concert, some students who had maxed out on the amount of tickets they could buy were selling their extra tickets at more than 100 percent profit.

In one case, two $10 student priced tickets were selling for $200 on Craigslist, or 10 times the original price. It seems that many of those who stood in line during the week of the concert were there in hopes to, not only have attended the event, but make some money.

“I know four or five people that did that,” senior Zachoyia Scott said. “The [tickets] should have been free.”

She added that students selling their tickets to other people on Craigslist and throughout campus and the city are not at fault. She says that even though it is wrong, students selling their tickets at markup prices “makes sense” because they’re going to try and make money any way they can.

“Emory’s was free,” senior Mary Opata said. “And you could bring a guest.”

But even Emory tickets were susceptible to abuse. These were also priced at more than $60 on Craigslist.

Georgia State Pantherpalooza tickets were cheaper because they were subsidized by student fees, paid every semester.

Students are billed student activities fee by Georgia State. This allows Georgia State to sell the tickets at 10 dollars for students and at 20 dollars for non-students.

“They are taking advantage of student fee subsidies,” said senior Ben Williams of the Spotlight Programs Board via Twitter.