Students check out study abroad opportunities

The Georgia State Study Abroad Office hosted the Spring Study Abroad Fair today at Dahlberg.

Professors and students from nine different departments presented information to curious students who filled the Veterans Memorial Hall.

Some of the departments included the departments of Geosciences, Criminal Justice, Modern and Classical Languages, Political Science, Nursing, Policy Studies, Asian Studies, Hospitality and Business.

Most of the programs offered through a Georgia State department are not limited to students studying or majoring within that department.

Georgia State professor Dr. Leonard A. Jackson of the J. Mack Robinson College of Business was there explaining about an opportunity to travel for students to travel to Europe.

“Studying abroad is an excellent way for students to experience a short cultural emersion,” Dr. Jackson said. “You may not have the same opportunities once you leave college.

The departments that were at the fair presented opportunities for Georgia State students to travel abroad with professors from Georgia State.

Most of the programs offered through the departments directly correlate with classes listed in the Georgia State Catalogue.

This provides students with the opportunity to complete courses faster abroad than campus.

Students looking to study abroad in Perugia, Italy will complete ITAL 2001 and ITAL 2002 over the course of five weeks instead of two semesters.

There were also programs offered not through Georgia State, but through larger companies that students from any college may apply to.

Students, who apply to these programs, also need to get their credits transferred.

Some of these companies were Global Learning Abroad and Internal Studies Abroad.

There was also a table featuring available scholarships.

Melanie Blackburn, a senior who volunteers for the Study Abroad Office, said, “Studying abroad in college is the cheapest way to go abroad. There are countless of scholarship opportunities offered through Georgia State and beyond.”

She explained that students who are interested in studying abroad should at least apply to the IEF Study Abroad Scholarship and the Global Experience Scholarship. She advised students to apply to as many scholarships as they can.