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Green programs you can get involved in

Not only will you be helping the environment, but you will be building your resume and possibly meeting some cool people at the same time.

1. Piedmont Park Conservatory

Students can participate in programs like maintaining Atlanta’s biggest park and being an ambassador to park guests at the pool and dog parks. Go to for more information.

2. The Atlanta Beltline

The grassroots beltline movement has grown to be a proud Atlanta accomplishment. The program wants volunteers to spread the word about the projects plans and up keep current beltline projects. Go to for more information.

3. Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta offers volunteer opportunities and internships adults, families and groups. Family and adult volenteers must have a zoo membership. Go to for more information.

4. Trees Atlanta

Their biggest project, a Saturday project from 9 a.m. to noon, plants trees and helps re-forests Atlanta areas weekly. Trees Atlanta works cooperatively with the Beltline project.  Go to for more information.

5. The Georgia Aquarium

The biggest aquarium in the world needs people to  help at guests services, engaging guests in their gallery area and with their education programs. Volunteers also get an annual pass. Go to for more information.


Earthday Quiz: Test your knowledge about Earthday

1. When was the first Earth Day celebrated?

A. March 21, 1970

B. April 22, 1970

C. May 21, 1970

D. June 22, 1970


2. The world’s first national park was started in 1872 in which country?

A. Corbett National Park in India

B. Kruger National Park in South Africa

C. Ordesa National Park in Spain

D. Yellowstone National Park in U.S.


3. Where was the first major international conference on environmental issues?

A. America

B. Britain

C. China

D. Sweden


4. Where was the first wildlife refuge formed in 1903?

A. Mai Po Marsh Reserve in Hong Kong

B. Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge in Florida, US

C. Elk Island National Park in Alberta, Canada

D. Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo



5. Why did founder John McConnell choose March 21 as Earth Day?

A. March Vernal Equinox

B. His birthday

C. It was the only date free at the party house

D. March needed more holidays


6. Who is the patron saint of ecologists?

A. Saint Francis

B. Saint Patrick

C. Saint Valentine

D. Saint Nick


7. A desire for environmental change led to the creation of various political parties around the world whose emphasis was largely on environmental protection. What are these organizations known as collectively?

A. Blue parties

B. Granolas

C. Tree huggers

D. Green parties


8. Who made the first proclamation of Earth Day?

A. The City of San Francisco

B. The U.S. Congress

C. The Druids

D. The United Nations


9. Twenty years after the Stockholm Conference, the United Nations held what is popularly known as the “Earth Summit” in what country?

A. Australia

B. Brazil

C. China

D. Denmark


10. A highlight of the annual Earth Day ceremony at the United Nations is the ringing of the Peace Bell. The Peace Bell was a gift from what country?

A. France

B. Japan

C. Sweden

D. United States
11. Where was Greenpeace, an international environmental organization dedicated to preserving the earth’s natural resources and its diverse plant and animal life, founded?

A. Canada

B. Great Britain

C. Australia

D. Indonesia


12. When is the real Earth Day?

A. March

B. April

C. June

D. All of the above


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