Student promotes wellness and self-care throughout quarantine

Kacey King created a fitness brand promoting wellness and health throughout quarantine. Photo Submitted by Kacey King

Commitment and determination through fitness are essential, and junior Kacey King is ready for the daily workouts, structure and clean eating her fitness journey will require.

While embarking on this fitness journey, King has chosen to document her lifestyle through an Instagram page, which showcases her journey and motivates others through tips and workout videos.

Her brand KKfitness is a product of quarantine. She started the account as a way to document her progress while sharing her routine and lifestyle. Over time, it has morphed into a lifestyle brand due to popularity and online engagement. 

“Incorporating fitness into my routine almost every single day contributed to my brand,” King said. “I get questions every day about how I lose weight, how do I get my body like this, [and] how do I stay healthy. Instagram is just a platform for me to answer all these questions visually better than I can say them.”

Her brand and message extend beyond Instagram. King also promotes organizations and resources that actively support a healthy lifestyle.

“I am on the board, and an ambassador for Pretty Girls Sweat, which is all about fitness,” King said. “I definitely use that to my best advantage, and when promoting fitness and staying on top of my routine because I know people are watching me and learning from me, so I always try to stay motivated and represent my brand.”

Pretty Girls Sweat promotes a healthy lifestyle and supportive workout environment for women, which King stands for and aims to convey to her audience.

Marketing has also helped in engagement growth, especially while having to follow social distancing guidelines. King chooses to market her business throughout social media platforms and build a community with other fitness influencers.

Networking and social media have played a hand in her brand’s success, but she still faces setbacks. She struggles to make diverse content with limitations implemented through the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, these restrictions caused her page to be set apart due to the content being based on at-home workouts and not showcasing exercises in facilities.

Although facing minor setbacks, King makes sure to stay on top of her brand by making lifestyle changes and sticking to them. She has found success by cutting things such as fast food out of her lifestyle.

She has also managed to balance this lifestyle by prioritizing the organization.

“It’s all about keeping a schedule, keeping a planner, making sure you’re putting in the time and effort into everything important to you because you make time for the things you want,” King said. “I’m a firm believer in that, so just making sure you plan out your days to come.”

Organization and consistency in posts have kept her audience engagement up.

Although emphasizing wellness promotion, she still recommends that people create a routine that works best for them through online resources.

“Use YouTube and resources to your advantage, so you’re not spending so much money unless you have that privilege to, but that would be my best tip,” King said. “There are so many different resources and find one that works for you and just stick to it to make it a part of your daily routine.”

She also aims to ease her followers into a routine by promoting workout challenges and workout routines that are simple yet effective.

One example is “Ab Sunday,” where she focuses on situps, crunches, plank tilts and shoulder taps. These workouts target specific areas but are practical and straightforward for anyone looking to form a routine.

KKfitness is a relatively new lifestyle page but is one to watch as it aims to promote healthy lifestyles for beginners and create an encouraging and uplifting fitness community.