Student creates all-natural skincare line

Iman Amir products include face oils, sugar scrubs, a body butter, hair growth, and beard oil. Photo Submitted by Jasmine Crawford

Sophomore Jasmine Crawford spends countless hours whipping up the key to her success in the kitchen. Although she loves cooking, that is not the only thing occupying her time there.

She started a skincare line called Iman Amir, which has products for different ages, genders and uses.  

Crawford wanted to start a business since she was 15 years old. She aspired to live the luxurious lifestyle of a successful entrepreneur but didn’t have a clear idea of which industry to get into. 

“I have always wanted to be my own boss and have my own schedule fit for my son and [me],” Crawford said. “I wanted the thrill and joy of knowing that I owned something that no one could take from me.”

Early this year, Crawford researched the ingredients used in certain skincare lines and discovered that their chemicals were unhealthy for her and her child.

This discovery led her down a more natural path. She learned about oil and herbs that benefit skin texture. She started making products for herself and her son in her kitchen. Once she noticed improvements to their skin, she decided to sell her products.

Iman Amir launched in June with several all-natural skin and hair care products. 

Crawford’s company believes that skincare should be unique, polished and stylish with its slogan: “Clean. Chic. Creative.”

She and her son’s middle names represent the company.

Crawford offers several products dedicated to healthy skin.The brand includes two face oils that reduce aging, dark marks and dry skin. The Two sugar scrubs help eliminate dead skin cells by exfoliating. The body butter brings the skin nourishment. 

Crawford even has products for hair. The magic hair growth potion contains seven oils that improve hair moisture, strength and growth. The beard oil contains ingredients that aid in facial hair growth. 

Crawford uses social media to market her product line. She also manifests daily by writing and speaking affirmations that her business will succeed. 

“I think manifestation is important because I believe if you speak success into the atmosphere, then success will come to you,” she said. 

Crawford sees her business expanding soon. She aspires to have her products line the shelves of retailers such as Target and Walmart one day.

Crawford has a message for anyone interested in starting a business.  

“Take your time making sure everything is lined up in your business,” she said. “Creating a business requires a lot of time, research and money, but sometimes you have to go broke to get rich,”

Crawford’s story shows that research, dedication and consistency are the tools needed to build a business. If you achieve all three, a business will one day succeed.