Sounds from the Underground showcases original jazz music

Sounds from the Underground is an event that gives musicians a chance to showcase their original music to a live audience.

“It was born out of frustration of a lack of places to play improvisational based music here, in Atlanta,” said Jacob Deaton, creator of Sounds from the Underground.

Sounds from the Underground provides a platform for young jazz musicians to perform.
Sounds from the Underground provides a platform for young jazz musicians to perform.

Deaton was part of a group of musicians who were writing original music, but did not have a place to perform them. He said that performing for an audience is a key part in the creative process and that a lot of Atlanta based musicians were not provided opportunities to put their music out into the world.

“Atlanta’s jazz scene is loaded with talented players, like talent that I would put up against just about anybody anywhere, but there is not a club scene to support it here, as opposed to a city like New York,” Deaton said.

Before Sounds from the Underground a lot of these talented musicians started to perform in restaurants in order to make a living. Deaton added that these are not really performance oriented situations and that not all artists write music that is suitable to restaurants.

Sounds from the Underground is a response to that need as it provides a platform where young, budding improvisational jazz musicians can come together with professional jazz artists to perform their original compositions and make a statement.

“It gives the Atlanta artist the chance to be an artist and not just a jukebox,” Deaton said.

This has allowed for Sounds from the Underground to influence the local jazz scene in Atlanta by giving these musicians a place to play their stuff.

Through providing this new platform for musicians, it has encouraged artists to write their own music and original ideas as well has encouraging them to perform.

Some artists to have performed at Sounds from the Underground are Akeem Marable, Brian Hogans, Nick Rosen and Julie Dexter.

Mace Hibbard, Georgia State’s jazz saxophone instructor preformed there and some Georgia State student musicians like Mike Walton and Darren English have also been featured.

“Georgia State has a strong presence there,” Deaton said.

What had originally started out aimed at the Atlanta community has grown to attract traveling artists as well over the past two years.

Deaton has watched Sounds from the Underground grow and has been behind the event every step of the way.

“I’m pretty much Sounds from the Underground, I’m the creator, I’m the curator, the booking agent, I’m the graphic designer, I’m the PR department,” Deaton said.

If you are interested in experiencing Sounds from the Underground the next event will take place April 14 at nine pm. It is free to get in, but make sure to bring a couple of dollars to support the artists.

“Our target audience is anyone who loves music and who is willing to listen with an open mind,” Deaton said.

If that sounds like you make sure to stop by the next Sounds from the Underground every second Monday of the month.

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