Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

In true haunted house fashion, “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” takes you on a trip through the spooky town of Silent Hill, complete with realistic animatronics, random spurts of old man laughter, and that creepy carnival music. The evil that awaits you at every turn brings gratifying jumps and visual pleasure.

Our film picks up where the original “Silent Hill” film of 2006 left off with Heather, our main character, searching for her father who has been kidnapped and taken to Silent Hill. Heather has been haunted by dreams of the menacing town since she was a kid and seeks the answers to who, what, and why. With lines like “the darkness is coming!” and “It’s your destiny!” it’s clear that dialogue was not a priority in the making of this blockbuster. But who needs dialogue when you’ve got retina-stimulating monsters like the ones in here?

Everyone’s got that one creature that leaves them jittery and sends a few chills up their spine. The film does a superb job of leaving no one ’s “boogeyman” out. A giant pink and bloodied bunny, an 8-foot spider made of mannequin body parts, and creepy clowns are a few of the nightmarish monsters in “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D.” But the spookiest of them all has to be the star villain of the original “Silent Hill” and the successful video game series: Pyramid Head.

The vision of mastermind Masahiro Ito, Pyramid Head, also known to the townsmen as “the executioner,” wields a knife the size of a Prius, known as the “great knife.” If his freakishly huge weapon isn’t hair-raising enough, his appearance will do the trick. With no face, “the executioner” has a 4-foot iron pyramid mounted on his neck. Insects of hell continuously eat at his flesh with no disturbance to the beast. Complete with a bloody apron, this creature of hell and guardian of the demon provides the film with most of its gory action.

Like haunted houses, the trip through Silent Hill is not complete without the last big scare, or production, leaving you with a big grin and sweaty palms before exiting. Pyramid Head meets his match, a female version of himself, in an epic battle that will have you gripping the edge of your seats.

If you can drown out the cheesy lines, “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” is a pretty decent visual. Making sure to give everyone a good jolt, the film’s variety of monsters is the edge it has over any horror film out this year.