SGA sets sights on more professors, engagement across five-campus network

Georgia State’s SGA talks about expanding bus routes to better suit students. Photo by Unique Rodriguez | The Signal

Georgia State’s Dunwoody campus Student Government Association (SGA) campus is seeking for more professors to teach classes. Sen. Greg Wright from the Decatur campus said he wants to bridge the gap between students and the Georgia State faculty.

SGA said they have had complaints from students about the campus not having enough professors and also lacking a variety of classes. Students on the campus feel that certain subjects only have a few professors, and due to this, students said they feel that they are not getting the best education because there is no diverse learning style which can fit different student’s needs.

“Certain subjects such as computer science, film, or other subjects don’t have more than one professor teaching that course on this campus. And that’s an issue in some places because some students feel that that professor might not be the best for them,” Dunwoody’s Speaker of the Senate Terry Fye said.

On the Decatur campus, SGA is determined to become more community-involved. Since the beginning of the semester, SGA has hosted events such as survey day, involvement day, voter registration drive and said they have major plans for the future of the Decatur campus.

SGA’s university-wide primary goals are to unite students together no matter what their personal background is. They want students to feel comfortable enough to talk to SGA members and tell them what problems they are having so they can help them get it fixed.

“SGA’s primary focus right now is trying to make a home for all students regardless of background, regardless of race, regardless of their struggles as students. We want you to be able to come to us and tell us your problems and those problems get handled. We want you to feel like what matters the most to you is important. That’s our biggest goal make it more community field,” Sen. Greg Wright said.

At the Decatur campus SGA meetings, the senators have set up a passion and action day where students come to the meeting and share something that they’re interested in. Members said this will help build a bridge between students that usually do not attend, or don’t connect with SGA.

Wright is also trying to achieve an interconnected bus route system between the Georgia State campuses that will allow easier transportation for students, adding that this will make for easier access to all campuses.

“We actually did a student transportation survey on how we can approve transportation for students. That’s part of my initiative, that’s something I’m pushing as a senator and Phi Theta Kappa as well,” Wright said.

Another goal of Sen. Wright is to collaborate with Trio, a Perimeter College Student Support Services program, and the tutoring center to start a ‘Save a Student’ program. The program will help inform students on what else they can do to improve in class.

On Sept. 20, Decatur campus help raise awareness around upcoming local elections, SGA hosted a voter registration drive in the Courtyard.They catered Papa John’s pizza and explained the importance of voting. By the end of the registration drive, over 40 to 50 students signed up to vote.

Further plans for the Decatur campus include establishing a crosswalk to the bus stop, to ensure student safety. Decatur SGA EVP Briana Stanley wants to bring awareness on sexual abuse for students, as well as career and employer relations. Felicia Shanklin, from Georgia State’s Career Services is scheduled to come out to the Decatur campus to inform students how to use handshake and help them with building their resume.