SGA roundup: Nov. 1, 2012

The Plus/Minus policy, a new Red Box machine and the alleged thefts of Signal papers were discussed at the Student Government Association full senate meeting last Thursday.

Several of the executive board members had updated reports for the senate. Vice President of Academic Affairs Adriana Macchione announced that SGA is working with the financial aid office to create a financial aid seminar for students during spring semester. On behalf of Vice President of Student Services Christian Hill, Macchione reported that the ongoing student survey regarding the Plus/Minus Grading system is progressing so far. 2700 students have responded to the survey with mostly negative responses. Student Services also reported that they are working to set up a Red Box machine in the Student Center.

During the Executive Vice President report, Taylor Briggs announced to the senate the formation of a sub-committee that will examine and possibly amend SGA’s bylaws in order expand and outline the responsibilities of senators.

In this senate meeting, SGA committed a portion of the meeting to discussing career services. Each college was asked to go to the Career Services department on campus and experience the services they offer. The purpose of this exercise was to “find services we could promote to students through experience,” said Briggs.

During the New Business portion of the meeting, Georgia State junior and International Student Tim Smith, appointed by President Marcus Kernizan, was approved into the senate. The senate also used this time to address the recent Signal newspaper theft. The senate agreed to help with the search of persons responsible by posting the pictures from the security camera on their Facebook page, in hopes someone may recognize those involved.

“SGA is very sorry about that the copies of The Signal were stolen,” said Briggs. “We do not support any kind of theft or defacing of property on campus.”

During the President’s Minute, Kernizan reported that SGA would be working on establishing documents that will help greater enforce the recent campus smoking ban. Kernizan also introduced SGA’s involvement in an opportunity to explore the ongoing video gambling legislation. The approval of video gambling in Georgia could benefit the HOPE Scholarship.