SGA Round-Up

SGA President Marcus Kernizan’s officer report last Thursday discussed an autistic student who voiced concerns regarding disabled students at Georgia State. The possibility of changing the name of The Office of Disabilities Services to The Office of Disabilities Resources, a “more welcoming name,” was also discussed.
“They just want more representation,” Kernizan said. “They feel like their voice is not being heard with student organizations.”

Recently, the Director of Disabilities Services resigned and new candidates are being interviewed to fill the position.

“The students that came to me said they want somebody in there with a disability so they can understand their needs,” Kernizan said.

At the first full senate meeting, VP of Academic Affairs Adriana Macchione suggested changing the university grading system. At the SGA meeting this past Friday, Macchione expressed a change in goals.

“We are no longer pursing the 100 point system as we decided that would not be the best direction,” Macchione stated in her last report.

She has put in a request to purchase the Survey Monkey program, which would allow SGA to survey students on their opinions to see if further action should be taken.

Another focus of last week’s meeting was the new housing policy implemented at the University Commons, which now allows guests and parents to enter the parking deck by pressing the red button at the gates and explaining the reason for the visit.

President Kernizan visited the Commons last week and numerous students voiced their concerns on the housing policies that began this school year, such as closing parking level four, which has caused  problems between the Panther bus route and guests parked on the curb in front of the Commons.

“The main concern was that when parents wanted to drop off groceries, they would have to temporarily park right there on the curb and wait on the student to come down,” Kernizan said.

Senator Brandon Roberts raised the issue of what would happen if Housing checked for parking decals during the guest’s stay. Senator Tarrance Williams, a Resident Assistant, mentioned that a temporary parking decal could be picked up at the front desk.