SGA round-up: Oct. 25, 2012

Last Thursday evening, the executive board of the Student Government Association gathered to discuss Vice President Reports and new business, such as the smoking prohibition and attendance policies.

The executive board reviewed the recent policy banning smoking on any Georgia State property, and discussed its effectiveness of it so far. Vice President of Student Services Christian Hill relayed the point that although, collectively, non-smoking students greatly supported the establishment a smoking ban, some smokers are continuing to smoke as a rebellion against the prohibition. The board plans to create a sub-committee for the issue, and to potentially attempt to institute the smoking ban as a city ordinance in order to have police enforce the smoking ban.

During the discussion of several senators’ upcoming absences, the board agreed to form a sub-committee that will rewrite the attendance policy within the bylaws of the SGA.

“I think we need to have a guideline, but also have an understanding of flexibility and looking at the entire record of a person,” said Executive Vice President Taylor Briggs.

Public Health student Valrey Nzima Nzima sat in as a guest during this meeting. Nzima Nizima, a medical doctor for the government of Cameroon, is at Georgia State for two years with the cultural exchange program. At the next full board meeting, SGA will be voting on his confirmation as a senator.