SGA members voice concern after $5,000 Homecoming contribution

Terah Boyd | The Signal SGA members discuss Homecoming funding.
Terah Boyd | The Signal
SGA members discuss Homecoming funding.

As Homecoming week approaches, concerns within Student Government Association about financial expenses and sponsorship were mentioned at last week’s full senate meeting. 

Spotlight, the major programming organization at Georgia State, was assigned an annual budget of $500,000 for programming throughout the year, while SGA’s annual budget varies around a total of $100,000.

“We’re not doing the traditional homecoming tailgate this year,” said Vice President of Public Relations Danielle Kleinman.

A gameday event is usually the only program the SGA hosts throughout the year; however, SGA discovered recently that their gameday event was denied.

“We don’t do programming,” said College of Law Senator James Dutton. “Except for one program and that is Homecoming.”

At a recent SGA meeting, on behalf of Spotlight, representative Ben Williams proposed for a collaborate with Spotlight and to join a cosponsorship for Homecoming events.

The SGA was asked to contribute $5,000 for the week’s events.

Concern was seen on several SGA senators’ faces because of the assigned annual budget for programming that Spotlight was given.

“When a group with a $500,000 programming budget comes to us, and asks for us to sponsor one of their events, I get a little confused,” Dutton said.

Spotlight established a cosponsorship including the Student Alumni Association (SAA), the LEAD Team, and SGA.

“The other sponsors of Homecoming are not contributing financially,” said Kleinman. “But [they] are contributing man power and activities.”

Senators demanded reasons for this “unfair” proposal.

“SAA is specifically in charge of separate interactive games,” said Kleinman.

According to Executive Vice President Taylor Briggs, the LEAD Team recently suffered dramatic budget cuts due to the organization moving to another division.

The Athletics Department will not be contributing to Homecoming programming because the department had “already pulled out all of their expenses for Panther Nation,” said Kleinman. “They will not be providing any services or funds.”

SGA promotion is welcome at any of the Homecoming events to “some capacity,” said Kleinman.