SGA candidates allegedly involved in fraternity altercation

At least two candidates running for student government were involved in an altercation between members of fraternities Alpha Phi Alpha and Phi Beta Sigma at a probate after-party last Friday, according to multiple sources that witnessed the event.

Last week tension was building on campus between members of the two fraternities.

“It was the buzz around campus. Everybody knew that there would be an incident either at the Sigma probate or the after party. Also, this year’s Alphas crossed on the anniversary of last year’s Sigma line so there was heat on that page,” one source said.

A probate is an official initiation of new members into a fraternity. An after-party typically takes place after the initiation. A stroll takes place when brothers of a fraternity line up to perform a traditional dance. The stroll master leads the stroll and blows a whistle.

Witnesses say that Jovan Paige, the stroll master for Alpha Phi Alpha and a candidate running unopposed for the position of vice president of Student Life in this year’s Student Government elections, initiated the fight by leading other members of his fraternity in a stroll past the Sigmas.

The source said Paige was seen purposely going towards the Sigmas blowing his whistle while intoxicated during the party.

The source also said Paige’s brothers, along with non-Alphas Johnny Self and Landon Moss, who’s currently running for a position in the SGA senate, were also trying to fight.

The altercation allegedly took place after midnight at 750 Glenwood Avenue, according to sources. A flyer for the official probate after-party confirms the same location.

Multiple sources also said that the fight ended after a gun was pulled by the owner and students fled at 1:30 a.m. Paige was allegedly seen inside the venue pushing and confronting the Sigmas, who were telling him to leave.

During the week prior to the incident, tension built between members of the two fraternities online – leading to more than a few provacative outbursts.

For example, on March 27, Alpha member George Avery tweeted Sigma member Josh DaVinci the following: “Son at the end of the day you’re a Sigma. No one is listening to your cry for attention. Peasants don’t address us.”

Another source said he saw the fight occur.

“When I was leaving, that’s when I saw Landon Moss, Jovan Paige, and Brian E. all outside trying to fight with some members of the Sigmas,” he said.

He also said that if Paige had never strolled at the party, the fight wouldn’t have occurred.

“Once they finally decided to leave, they waited down the street for (other) Sigmas that may try to come towards them. After this, I saw him get into a car, along with Landon Moss and leave,” the first source said.

In a March 31 statement from the Pi Alpha chapter of Phi Beta Sigma, the fraternity acknowledged that they were invited to the off-campus event to celebrate their new members’ initiation. However, they denied sponsoring it.

“The organizers of this event, ‘M&B; Cartel,’ have no connection with our chapter. Our chapter was invited to this event to celebrate the new members who had just moments before, joined our organization. None of the proceeds or advertisement are connected to our chapter,” their statement reads.

Jovan Paige, Landon Moss, Timothy Smith and Alpha Pi Alpha could not be reached for comment as of press time despite multiple attempts.

Voting for the SGA election began Monday, March 31, and closes Friday, April 4.


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