SGA back in full swing after a year of Partial Operations

Georgia State’s Student Government Association Atlanta Senate held a session on September 2. The meeting was full of legislation that impacted the university community significantly. 

The SGA focused on resolutions that would bring students in the Georgia State community together safely. Here are some of the rulings that significantly impact the university community.

  • Welcome Back to Campus:

After a year of partial operations, SGA passed an opinion resolution to officially welcome students back to campus. The resolution states that the Atlanta campus senate is a representative body of all students on the Atlanta campus. The Student Government Association of Georgia State University shall set the tone and mood of the student body. The resolution was introduced by Senator McCullough and sponsored by Speaker Livnat. Eighteen senators favored the resolution presented, and there was one abstention. The legislation shall take effect immediately. 

  • New Ad Hoc Safety Committee:

The University and SGA are all about making the university and surrounding communities safer. The Student Government Association passed a special order to establish an Atlanta Ad Hoc Safety Committee. Three students represent the Atlanta campus. This is similar to the committee started by then Senator K. Thomas and Freshman Liaison K. Lockett.

The goal is to work with community officials and advocate for the Georgia State community for policies that aid the university. The law was introduced by Senator Diana Mejia and backed by the Speaker of the Senate, Ira Livnat, and Senators Sebrina Wilson and Senator McCullough. The Senate voted to pass the legislation, which takes effect immediately. The committee voted 14 for the resolution, five against, and one abstention. 

  • Greenspace Integrity and Sustainability 

 This academic year, the Georgia State community has yet another communal space at the core of the Atlanta campus. SGA is determined to encourage students to maintain the newly developed green space. 

The new resolution was introduced by Senator Diana Mejia and sponsored by Speaker Livnat. The resolution urges students and staff to support and respect the new communal space. 

As the school year is in full swing, the usage of the new green space has become heavy, and signs of deterioration have become apparent. The new legislature would put maintenance and sustainability of the greenspace first. All 20 senators passed the legislation and shall take effect immediately. 

  • More Campus Involvement

Student involvement and engagement across the Georgia State campuses is declining after a year full of online classes and a semi-empty campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The legislation was introduced by Senator Petit-Frere and sponsored by Speaker Livnat; the support resolution will encourage student involvement on all Georgia State campuses. 

The Senate is working to encourage students to get involved and join student organizations. The legislation will allow the Atlanta campus Senate to advocate for and on behalf of organizations and programs. The Senate passed the resolution, with 18 in favor of the bill and two against it. The legislation shall take effect immediately. 

  • Senate Vacancies Filled

As the school year is officially underway, many senate vacancies need to be filled from graduating seniors that once held those positions. The SGA held a special order to fill vacant Senate positions not filled by way of the Spring 2021 ballot election process The Senate appointed Atiyah Kennedy as undergraduate senator for the Andrew Young School of Studies. 

Kamilah Sabree, Raegan Bolden, Tori-Marie Palmer, Jadee Williams, Sophia Logan, and Sabinah Wilson were all appointed undergraduate senators for the College of Arts and Sciences, Robinson College of Business, and College of Education and Human Development respectfully. 

Elizabeth Storm and Jerry Thomas were appointed as graduate and professional senators for the Andrew Young of Policy Studies and the College of Arts and Sciences. David Hollifield and Patrick Hanson were appointed as senators of the College of Law. 

All appointees were passed and shall assume all responsibilities effective immediately. 

The Student Government Association provides various ways for the student body members to get involved within the Georgia State Community. 

The SGA holds general body meetings biweekly and is open to all students. The SGA encourages students to attend, and to learn about what the SGA is doing for them. 

There are many volunteer opportunities at SGA for students to understand how the government association operates. 

Students can let them know what they are interested in, and the community can align the perfect position to the individual’s interests. The SGA has listed all vacancies on their Panther Involvement Network page. 

Their office hours are from Monday to Friday (8:30 a.m. – 5:15 p.m.) on all campuses to contact the SGA. The Atlanta campus phone number is (404) 413-1600, Alpharetta (770) 274-5607, Clarkston (678) 891-3225, Decatur (678) 891-2741, Dunwoody (770) 274-5391, and Newton (678) 891-2683. Anyone that wants to share feedback or concerns can share via their questions and concerns form located on their website at