Sexploration with Rachel: Anal Sex

Let’s talk about anal sex. Many people have this image in their mind about homosexual men being the only group that participates in anal, but according to Marie Claire, up to 40 percent of women (aged 18 and older) participate in anal sex regularly.

Why is there a rise in anal sex? Some research shows that not only are women more comfortable admitting they participate in anal sex, but that women who participate in anal sex have orgasms more frequently with their partners. In fact, among women who had vaginal sex in their last sexual encounter, the percentage that said they reached orgasm was 65 percent. Among those who received oral sex, it was 81 percent. But among those who had anal sex, it was 94 percent. Is there suddenly a new clitoris somewhere in the anus? No, research suggests that women who participate in more than one sex act tend to orgasm more often.

I’ve always enjoyed anal sex. I started having anal when I was about 17, and I remember when I told my friends they said that good girls don’t do that. Why? I thought. It feels wonderful and I have the best orgasms when I’m having anal sex. When I have an anal orgasm, my whole body stings, like a million needles are poking my body all over. I also enjoy anal sex because my partner can put a toy in my vagina and I can experience double penetration without having a threesome.

Now, I won’t lie to you readers, it’s not all glamorous. In fact, in can be down right painful and there are some risks associated with anal. The anus lacks the natural lubrication that the vagina has, so always use lubricant. For anal, I prefer silicone-based lubricants, mostly because they are thicker and smoother than water-based lubricants so it makes anal penetration much easier and less painful. The skin inside of the anus isn’t as well protected as the skin outside the anus, meaning, tearing and infection may happen, especially since the anus is full of bacteria. The best way to prevent this is to always be relaxed when getting penetrated as well as your partner wearing a condom.

A friend of mine tried anal for the first time with her boyfriend. She didn’t use lubricant and ended up sitting at urgent care with her mother because she had hemorrhoids that were rupturing and bleeding. Please don’t be my friend. Always use lubricant. If you’re unsure if you have enough lube, add more, just in case.

If you’re looking to try and experience anal sex, talk to your partner about it. Make sure they are willing to try it as well. I’d suggest starting with a toy to get a feel about how anal sex feels. Start with a smaller, thinner toy, that way there’s not as much risk of tearing or stretching. When you feel as though you’ve got that down, try a thicker toy, which will make the transition from toy to penis easier. Remember to always use a condom and don’t be stingy with the lubricant. As always, enjoy yourself.