September horoscopes for every star sign


The tendency to be passive and submissive only leads towards overall peace. The Virgo will intuitively say the right thing at the right place and time. Now is the time for doing the things you love: socializing, making money and enjoying the fruits of your own garden. 


Turn the charm on, Libra! Everything is a popularity contest with you so expect to turn more heads. Remember your peace this week when you’re busy studying. 


Let August’s new moon bring something new and exciting to the table! Don’t be sparing with your attention or affection. 


There’s been a buildup of tension that’s caused you to assert yourself more. Don’t let anyone test your goals. Release your grievances by way of exercise or, in true Sagittarius style, self-gratification. 


Life has taken a rather hectic course. Your responsibilities are running you dry. Take your time making any important decisions that you might regret later. 


Venus is bringing all the things that make you thrive: affection, gifts and compliments. Your relationships are smooth sailing right now. Try not to mess it up by being too distant. 


Jupiter will soon push things in the right direction for Pisces. Take a step back from anything causing difficulty and figure out a permanent solution. Happiness may be at stake if you don’t grab the bull by the horns.


You may feel more inclined to indulge in pleasure rather than tending to responsibilities. Carelessness in your words may lead to some misunderstandings. Think of others and compromise.


Promote yourself and speak the things you desire into existence. Put your positive attitude and initiative to good use. 


Dial it back this week, Gemini. Being over assertive will cause unnecessary tension. Make sure you aren’t wasting your money and time on the wrong things or people.


Positive change is coming! Self-confidence is one of Cancer’s best traits. Put it on full display and show the world what you have to offer.


Stay away from doing anything impulsively. September’s new moon will bring the positive transformation you’ve been waiting for.