September Full Harvest Moon Horoscopes

September 14 marks the day of a very special full moon. The Harvest Moon is specifically related to the beginning of the autumnal equinox and coincides with a few different cultural events, religious observances and customs globally. In the U.S., we have more modern Harvest Moon festivals complete with beer, farmers markets and concerts. 

The time between one moonrise to the next is shorter during this time which was useful for farms who needed to illuminate crops for harvest. It usually falls somewhere in September, though it can fall two weeks after the autumnal equinox. Every three years this moon will appear in October. When this occurs, the September full moon is then called the Full Corn Moon.

This moon falls in Pisces this year so this should be a gentle full moon. Water signs tend to be the most emotional of all the elements so try not to react too impulsively. 

The sun in Virgo offers solutions to bad habits we may have been holding on to — never making up a bed before leaving the room, ignoring emails or leaving dishes in the sink. 

The full moon offers the opportunity to let go of even the worst attributes. Let this time be about forgiveness and compassion while still creating healthy boundaries. Dream, journal or meditate. Work through feelings even when it’s easier to walk away.



Let go of toxic behaviors, such as a smoking habit you’ve always wanted to kick or laying on the couch all day after classes instead of finishing assignments. This is the opportunity to reach your full potential.



Conceive or reconstruct a new vision for the future. Explore creative pathways. Create more space for dreams and hobbies. Release anything that inhibits growth.



Set better boundaries with professional and personal relationships. Talking it out is the best way to avoid emotional blowback.


Process what is worth talking about and release it. Sometimes, clarity is the best medicine. Confusion can be problematic and brew inaccurate opinions.



Forgive and forget when there is no real harm done. Truculent tendencies may encourage some hostility. Aggression won’t win the battle this time. Focus on the bigger picture.



This is a powerful reset for Virgo. Healthy healing is only possible with change. Intuition will guide towards the best choice.



Manage professional life in a compassionate yet practical manner. It’s important to get emotional support for all the unconscious stress work brings into the atmosphere.



It’s a romantic season for the Scorpio but don’t act so fast. Rose-tinted glasses can mask true intentions. Remember: Toxic behavior should be confronted, not excused.



Obligations can take up a lot of the day. The time has come to find a healthy balance in withdrawing from the world and working hard.



There is some important healing that needs to be done with family or a close friend. A decision needs to be made this week. Immense personal growth is coming full speed.



Bring up the important feelings that have value and worth. Invest in creative skills in moderation. Perhaps there is something monetary to gain from your passion.



A full moon in Pisces feels natural because the world is getting into the same rhythm of dreaminess. Don’t be tempted by old, unhealthy habits or people.