F—: Your shared imagination will make this look like true love on paper. The danger here is that Pisces can be too sensitive for your stinging.


M: If a person who is totally devoted to you sounds like heaven, look no further than Cancer. They’re dynamic, mysterious and ever-changing, but you like the thrill.


K: You love to have a handle on everyone in your company, but Aquarius is too free-flowing for that. The sign you could never truly have.


You’ve got to have a flameproof soul to put up with this savage. Scorpios know no fear. Take them some place intriguing but a little horrific: a ghost tour, horror walk through or an insanely scary movie. They’re analytical so the more shocking the better.


If something a little spooky isn’t your jam, try taking them on a new experience. A coffee date isn’t going to satisfy this beast.