Review: Victory Sandwich Bar + Emporium

With a couple of years under its belt, Victory Sandwich Bar and Emporium continues to serve up yummy little sandwiches and draw a formidable late night crowd. The trendy little spot found off Elizabeth St. in Inman Park could have been a one-trick pony, but continues to be a staple in the neighborhood.

Even on a weekday night, the little dining area is filled up with people grabbing a bite. After supper time was over, the bar began to fill up with locals looking for Jack and Coke slushies and a ping-pong paddle.

That’s right, Jack and Coke slushies out of the machine served in a Mason jar. The menu also featured spiked sodas, (including the Root Canal, with Abita root bear and absinthe), and cheap beer, (sorted by bottle and can on the menu).

The cocktails were a mix of good ol’ standards and fresh ideas. The El Luchador boasts tequila, orange liquor and apple soda. A dash of Cholula hot sauce leaves a nice burn after each sip. Other inventive offerings included Tina’s Pajamas, a mix of scotch, yellow Chartreuse and honey.

The staff was attentive and nice. You would need an open mind working in a joint where a rouge ping-pong ball could strike at any minute. Victory is small and self-seating, so in the winter without their big patio seating can be limited, even during the weekdays.

A Victory sandwich isn’t massive, but for the price, you get some good flavor. Their take on a banh mi, was packed with good taste. The soft baguette was filled with picked veggies, jalapeños, pork and chicken liver pate. The Castro, a little satisfying Cuban take, has fontina cheese and slow cooked pork. The menu also has two veggie offerings: The Beeter, (with ‘pastrami’ beets), and the Weed Eater, (avocado, mozzarella and hummus, yes please). At $4, a sandwich a poor college kid can grab a couple and make a meal.

The sides and snacks were hit or miss. The hummus, served with lavash chips, didn’t hold up to the sandwiches. The hummus and chips were bland, and the flatbread chips were crumbly and made it hard to eat. The sides, which are served cold, included an orzo and pesto salad, and ramen noodles. The ramen packed a nice heat with good crunch from the peanuts and green onions, while the orzo was pretty mushy. The beet salad with creamy goat cheese was very nice though.

Prepare to wait in line for ping pong, but Victory is still a good night out, especially if you are on a budget.