Relax with these ‘Green’ flicks

No need for popcorn and candy with these flicks.

#1 Pineapple Express (2008) Seth Rogen, James Franco

What would you do if you witnessed a murder while getting high? Head to your dealer of course! That’s exactly what stoner Dale does in this comedy-action. Dale and his dealer -played by an aloof James Franco -will experience shoot-outs, fist-fights, car chases, and a foot through a windshield; all for the love of a one-of-a kind weed: Pineapple Express!

#2 How High (2001) Method Man

When your best friend dies in a fire, mix his ashes with weed and smoke him. That’s what Silas  and his new bestie Jamal do. Afterwards they can see Silas’ dead bestie who helps them get into Harvard where the two take “higher” learning to another level.

#3 Cheech & Chong’s up in smoke (1978)


A classic and part of a series of films, this comedy has all the stoner film basic ingredients including weed, pornstars, aliens, cops, and more weed. Join Cheech and Chong in their quest for high times.

#4 Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (2004) John Cho, Kal Penn

The ultimate munchies flick! After smoking some weed, Harold and Kumar see a tv commercial for the famous White Castle burgers in Cali. They get a sudden urge for these little burgers and set off on a road trip to obtain them. Along the way they’ll have to face a raccoon, the cops, and the one and only Neil Patrick Harris.

#5 Friday (1995) Ice Cube, Chris Tucker

Smokey and Craig spend their days in South Central L.A. getting high and drinking. But after Smokey’s life is threatened if they don’t pay dealer Big Worm back, the two are sent into a night of crazy mishaps. With all-star comedians like Chris Tucker, the late Bernie Mack, and John Witherspoon, the laughs will keep “rolling up”.

#6 Grandma’s Boy (2006) Allen Covert

Alex must move in with his grandma after his roommate’s addiction to Filipino hookers. If that isn’t bad enough, he has to enlist the help of his grandma when the video game he creates gets stolen. With a crap load of references to marijuana, this comedy will leave you with the giggles, wether you’re high or not.

#7 Half Baked  (1998) Dave Chappell

Three stoners have to find bail money to get their friend out of jail. The friends decide to do what any stoner would do sell their precious ganja. They quickly become the cities’ top dealers and meet some rivals along the way. This comedy is filled with smoke-friendly cameos including Sir Smoke-A-Lot.

#8 Tenacious D in the pic of destiny (2006) Jack Black

Rock and weed pair up in this musical about a rock duo set out to be the greatest band in the world. But the band -self-titled Tenacious D -has to acquire one thing to make this dream come true: the magical pic of destiny! But first they have to steal it from the rock-and-roll hall of fame museum.

#9 Dude Where’s My Car (2000) Ashton Kutcher, Sean William Scott

Two stoners wake up after a night of partying and face a critical dilemma: they can’t find their car. Along their journey to find it, they will have to face their bitchy girlfriends, a street gang, aliens and a few other outlandish obstacles. They’ll try to make it through, one joint at a time.

#10 Homegrown (1998) Billy Bob Thorton

Three friends are in way over their heads when their boss is killed and they now have to take over their marijuana-growing plantation in Northern Cali. They’ve got to find a million dollar buyer and it’s not going to be easy “sifting” ( pun intended) through the good buyers and the shady buyers. It’s a dealer’s handbook.