Rec Center TVs continue to have blank screens

The televisions in the gym’s exercise room have been off since September 2015 and Recreation Center staff are uncertain when they will be back on.

Student Recreation Center Facilities Coordinator, Sandra Blackwell, said the cable televisions in the Exercise Room are not working due to infrastructure issues.

“Due to constant upgrades to cable service providers, the 15+ year old components are incompatible with the newer technology,” Blackwell said.

Some student staff members at the Rec Center, who wishes to remain anonymous, said there haven’t been many complaints from students about the TV’s not working, but many have asked why they are off.

“Watching the TV was a kind of distraction, so not having them makes my run feel longer,” Georgia State student Tobi Adeyemi said. “Plus with all the tuition I pay, the cable should’ve been back months ago.”

Blackwell said she will meet with IS&T again later this week to discuss plans to fix the TV’s.

“We understand the frustration and we are working diligently with IS&T to find the best solution as soon as possible,” she said.

There is no set date for the televisions to be fixed.