Quarantine skin care and focus on self-care

Photo courtesy of Miyoshi Anderson

Skincare has become a trending topic due to apps such as Tik Tok and influencers like SkincareByHyram, who review trending products and give their honest opinions.

As a buzzing topic, many people have found solace throughout quarantine by focusing on self-care through skincare. Many are utilizing this time to test out new products, establish skincare routines and detox from previous products.

Georgia State sophomore Miyoshi Anderson has gotten experimental with her skincare during the pandemic.

Anderson is a makeup artist, and her skin serves as a canvas for her to showcase her art form, so she is always looking to test out new brands and products. But she admits the process is often one of trial and error.

“The Milk products are something new that I’ve never tried until quarantine,” Anderson said. “During quarantine, I tried to use a different face wash, but it completely broke my face out. Overall, I try to keep my skincare very simple but efficient.” 

Although Anderson is all about being experimental with products, other students like sophomore Kaelyn Williams have found comfort in their skin by embracing a more au naturel look.

She has chosen to embrace this new look by taking more time to focus on her skin.

“Actually, throughout quarantine, I’ve seen that I’m wearing makeup-less and rocking my natural skin more and spending more time taking care of my skin with weekly face masks and exfoliation,” Williams said.

Embracing one’s skin and trying new things are all a part of an ever-evolving skincare journey. From high end to drugstore, there is a wide variety of products to choose from. Although price can be an essential factor in curating a skincare routine, sophomore Nancy Genesis is a firm believer that “you get what you pay for.”

“Investing in your skincare is key. It can be quite expensive, but once you learn about certain ingredients and their jobs, you’ll get why. It honestly can be a hit or miss, but everyone’s skin is different,” she said.

Expensive products can hold many benefits, but skincare fans have found their “holy grail” products at a drugstore price.

Anderson’s holy grail product is on the more affordable side yet still gets the job done.

“My Cetaphil face wash is my holy grail product, and I don’t think I would be able to have clear skin without it! It doesn’t dry out my skin, it doesn’t over-exfoliate and it’s just honestly perfect for my skin,” she said.

Williams, on the other hand, utilizes her holy grail product to target specific skincare needs.

“I think my holy grail beauty secret/product is lip scrubs. [It] gets rid of the dead skin and hydrates the lips. So, I 10/10 recommend getting a couple of lip scrubs,” Williams said.

Skincare, in the end, is all about finding out one’s needs and finding the products that are best suited for them.

“All I can say is research, research, research, what your skin type is and what your needs are, and learn about what you’re putting on your face,” Genesis said.