Quarantine Q & A with Georgia State offensive lineman Shamarious Gilmore

Due to the unfortunate circumstances caused by the coronavirus, Georgia State canceled its spring football game. The starting quarterback spot has been up in the air since Dan Ellington’s exit.

Four quarterbacks hope to see their name in the starting slot. Cornelious Brown, Jamil Muhammad, Mikele Colasurdo and Kierston Harvey will enter the summer, each fighting to replace the Panther great.

Obviously, the choice will be an important one for head coach Shawn Elliott. The quarterback is widely regarded as the most important player on the field. But who protects him? Offensive lineman and offensive tackles. 

Redshirt senior offensive lineman Shamarious Gilmore will play his final season of college football in the fall. He played with Ellington and will block for one of the possible four. 

Meadow Barrow: How eager are you to get back on the field after the spring football game was canceled?

Shamarious Gilmore: I’m very eager to get back on the field to be with my brothers, but we know right now is a tough situation with what’s going on in the country. But it’s what’s best for the country right now.

It really is a difficult time. All we can do is worry about the health of everyone. That’s really the most important thing.

MB: Can you tell me a few unknown things about this team that the fans would have seen on April 2?

SG: I think they would have seen flashes from the defensive side of the ball. And obviously everyone is curious about the QB place and right now we have four QBs competing for the [starting] spot. All of them were doing pretty well until the pandemic started.

But I believe they would have seen the defense [and] the quarterback play and great plays being made around the field is what the fans would have missed out on.

MB: What are you most looking forward to about the first practice back?

SG: Just being on the field and being back in my element. [Also,] being back to play with brothers is just an amazing feeling.

But it just means that we came through the situation. When we get back on the field, that means everybody will be ready and healthy again. It would just be a good day.

MB: How are you looking to stay in shape during this time?

SG: I’m doing a lot of at-home workouts. Just trying to do whatever I can to stay active while being safe and social distancing. Trying to eat healthy is very important.

Going to the store and not being out too much, buying things like fruits and vegetables and drinking a lot of water [and] not overdoing sweets and carbs [are also some things I have to do].

[But] starting next week, we have online classes, so finishing the semester strong is really the most I’ve been concerned about.

MB: Being that this is your senior year, what would you say to your teammates, your coaches and everyone who has been a part of your growth during your time at Georgia State as a football player?

SG: It’s been a long journey. Everybody from the weight room, the food nutritionist, my division coach, the head coach, athletic director, to the president of the university, I just want to say, “Thank you” for the opportunity and for the blessings. It’s been a good ride, and I just want to keep it going.